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HONDURAS: “Coup Perpetrators Try to Intimidate Zelaya’s Family”

July 30, 2009

HAVANA, Cuba, July 29 (acn) The wife of Honduran constitutional
president Jose Manuel Zelaya, Xiomara Castro, denounced on Wednesday
that followers of the coup perpetrators tried to intimidate her along
with other relatives, and ordered them to leave the country.

The First Lady told Telesur television network that a caravan of
vehicles came during the first hours of the day, that there were shots
and that by way of megaphones they were told to leave the hotel, the
Prensa Latina news agency reports.

Zelaya’s wife added that there’s a lot of pressure on them, that
followers of the coup perpetrators circulated around the city demanding
her through the megaphones to get out and dialogue with a commission to
get to an agreement with respect to her departure from El Paraíso.

Although there has been a permanent curfew in that department since
Friday, the intimidating groups maneuvered freely, and were even
escorted by soldiers, she added.

Xiomara explained that they arrived to the place where she and her
family are now located by way of deception, accompanied by a judge who
never showed them the resolution of the Supreme Court that authorized
the transfer of the relatives and the rest of the people who were going
to meet Zelaya.

When we arrived to El Paraíso, we were told that only Zelaya’s relatives
could continue their way, then they said only I, and later on only my
daughter, Xiomara Hortensia. That’s why we decided to interrupt the
trip; we lacked safety, added the interviewee.

The idea was to use with us a mechanism similar to the one used by the
military to take Zelaya out of the country, and then also prevent our
return to Honduras, she emphasized.

She reiterated that their demands are free movement, the elimination of
the military posts, and the elimination of the state of siege maintained
in El Paraíso for more than six days now. We demand that they let us get
to the Nicaraguan border to meet with the President and other Hondurans
gathered in Ocotal, said the Honduran First Lady in her statements to


Intentan intimidar golpistas a familia de Zelaya

Cuban News Agency

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