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In the Honduran Constitution, Say Adios to Freedom of Expression and Your Paycheck

August 1, 2009

OLDMANCOPSSo let’s say, you are Roberto Micheletti, the leader of the golpistas, and you give free rein to military and police forces to kill, maim, imprison, gas and beat the hell out of those demonstrating against you and you wonder what else you might do to convince these people that they should be on your side . . .

Honduran Putschists Cut Demonstrator Wages

Tegucigalpa – The de facto regime in Honduras has tighten repressive measures by announcing salary deductions for workers taking part in marches against the coup.

The junta that usurped power on June 28 sent inspectors to schools, institutes and other workplaces to verify that these deductions to the demonstrators’ salaries are implemented.

The decision is to prevent employers of any institution from paying total salaries to those who leave their workplaces, said President of the National Audit Office (TSC), Moises Lopez.

The objective is to try to check the marches, street blockades and other peaceful demonstrations of the people against the putschists, in demand for the return to institutionality.

However, the de facto regime encourages demonstrations in its favor and there are businesses close to the putschists that pay entire salaries to workers who stage them in support of the dictatorship.


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