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CHOLUSAT SUR TV: Presidential Candidate’s Security Guards Beat and Shoot at University Students

August 5, 2009

Yesterday afternoon, I saw an alert on the website of Frente Nacional Contra el Golpe de Estado.  It said that current presidential candidate, former vice-president of Honduras, and golpista extraordinaire, Elvin Santos, had been at La Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Honduras (UNAH) earlier in the day and his security guards had beat and shot at students. Last night, I was watching Cholusat Sur TV – Channel 36, a station in Tegucigalpa, which showed a video of the incident.

As Santos was exiting the building with his security entourage, many students began to yell, “golpista” at him.  Students threw water at Santos. Outside, suddenly, one of Santos’ security guards pulled a gun, ran over to one of the students and began to beat him viciously with the butt of his gun.  As this was unfolding, at least three more guards drew guns and began beating a couple more of the students.  Finally, one of the guards fired his gun at one of the students but no one was injured.  Altogether, I counted five men with guns.

Channel 36, Cholusat Sur TV is not always on the air, but when major incidents take place, their reporters are on the scene and you can often catch exclusive video of the unfolding coup and the people’s resistance.  The URL for Cholusat Sur is:

ElvinSantosElvin Santos

  1. Carlos Martinez permalink
    August 30, 2009 9:47 AM

    Este Santos es Violento de Nacimiento. Anda con Guardaespaldas todo el tiempo . El que no debe no teme asi que algo ha hecho que se siente inseguro.

    Jamas llegara a ser Presidente de Honduras

  2. Manuel Munguia permalink
    August 21, 2009 12:45 PM

    well i guess there has been violence FROM BOTH SIDES, and even though cholusatsur is one of the only stations againts the new goverment it is NOT imparcial. Yes, it is true that other stations are on the govermetnts side and only show their version of the story, but this station is the other extreme. They constantly repeat the incidents againts resistance group, but they never do this with the acts of vandalism that these groups have done, such as burning down a restaurant and a bus, throwing rocks ( without the police doing anything).

    I think you should take the info from both sides and judge yourself

    • August 21, 2009 1:11 PM

      Let’s review for a minute why I won’t be taking your advice. The military, in partnership with Hondurans, and the US government conspired to pull off a coup in which the president was illegally removed from office and dumped like a sack of potatoes into the arms of the duplicitous Oscar Arias in Costa Rica, thereby, involuntarily exiled. So far, everything illegal. The military maintained the coup through violent repression of those against, committing numerous crimes in the process such as murder (start with the shameless massacre at the airport and the “cops gone wild” shooting at the futbol stadium – don’t even try to argue this, I have the videos), disappearances, rape, and torture. All, illegal. And the police, ditto on the same crimes as those committed by the military and therefore, illegal. Oh, and you want me to worry about “vandalism” like the Burger King being burned, etc.? You should worry about it because the golpistas paid provocatreurs to infiltrate the protesters and cause such destruction and violence so that the protesters could be blamed. You see, the protesters are doing an outstanding job in ripping apart this coup by peaceful resistance, the only way to discredit them is to send in paid thugs.

      I am taking info from the people’s side only because it is the only true side in this whole mess. To do otherwise would be to perpetuate propaganda and lies formed by an elite class whose only goal is to use Honduras as their money-making playground and thereby keep Hondurans illiterate and in perpetual poverty through slave wage jobs.

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