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August 5, 2009

Will try to provide continuous updates for those that may not be able to pick up the 2 TV stations live streaming listed below:

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Major repression against students at UNAH today. The repression forces are using tear gas, water cannons, rubber bullets. The military has also entered the university and are shooting inside. Many of the administrators and professors support the golpe. Rassel Tome of Liberales en Resistencia, denounced Tegucigalpa mayor, Ricardo Alverez for being the intellectual author of the golpe. The rector of the university is meeting with others to stop the repression.

Live streaming:


UPDATE:  It’s about 10 minutes since I sent this post.  It looks like the students are not backing down.  As the police are moving to different positions or retreating, the students are chasing after them.  Now it looks like administrators and professors are trying to get out and some are waving white handkerchiefs.  Now police are charging the students who chased them.

UPDATE: 5:00PM  – looks like all are police officers.  There may have been some army, but due to the fact that it was the public university, they realized it was better not place any military

UPDATE:  channel 36, Cholusat Sur is live streaming at the University. and may have a better picture.

UPDATE:  One of the cops just threw a female teacher/administrator to the ground in an extremely rough manner and jostled a male teacher/professor.  It looks like the woman knocked to the ground is the Rector of the university.  In addition a man was knocked to the ground, two men jostled one of whom was carted off by the cops.  All appear to be teachers or administrators

UPDATE: 5:15 PM – It looks like Cholusat Sur TV has gone on to other programming.  A little later in the evening they usually do an intensive review of events related to the golpe. I’m sure they will have extensive coverage of this attack at the university.  Maya TV is having a discussion and from time to time showing footage of the university.  I’m not clear whether the cops are still there but I’m sure Cholusat Sur TV will have all the news later tonite.  When I have found out it is on, I will update this post to let you know.

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