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August 5, 2009

NOTE:  Shortly, I will put a page together to cover the activites associated with the National March and, that way, I can offer updates as they occur throughout the duration of the march.


August 5, 2009

This morning the Honduran Resistance kicked off its national march. The march organizers are calling for participants to march to either Tegucigalpa or San Pedro Sula, depending on which is closest to where they live.

In an article yesterday, Juventud Rebelde summarized the purpose of the march:

“Hondurans Prepare National March” Excerpt:

“We must be optimistic, we are in the path of victory and the return of Zelaya. We have achieved the unity of the people and our organizations in this fight, emphasized the general secretary of the Labor Federation, Israel Salinas, to the decision adopted by an overwhelming majority.

Is the time of creation of a broad front, it is the unity of all progressive forces to defeat the dictatorship, Nelson Ávila, economic adviser to President Manuel Zelaya, told PL, who has presented the thesis in acts of resistance.

The general coordinator of the National Front, Juan Barahona, said that the main objective is the restoration of constitutional order and the popularly-elected president, Manuel Zelaya.”

FROM:  Honduras Resiste y Vence website:

Father Andres Tamayo reported that the march left Olancho at 10:00 am (noon EDT) and is heading for Tegucigalpa.  If the marchers walk 20km per day, they should arrive in Tegucigalpa by TUESDAY OF NEXT WEEK.  At the same time, another community march departed from Guadalupe en Colon heading for San Pedro Sula.

FROM: Honduras Lucha website:

Via Campesina has just issued a statement calling a Global Day of Action for Honduras on August 11.  More info later on this.

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