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VIDEO: Update – 8:45 PM Violent Repression at La Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Honduras

August 5, 2009

Update 8:45 PM – For a while now, Cholusat Sur TV has not had audio.  It just came back on.  They are talking about Elvin Santos, the presidential candidate that paid a visit to the university yesterday and whose security guards attacked students because they called him “golpista.”  Now with the attack today by what appeared to be hundreds of police at the university today in which yesterday’s incident is no doubt being used as part of the excuse, word is coming out that Santos is “being urged to talk with Zelaya.”  If you couple this with the fact that the State Department’s letter to Senator Lugar says that the US policy in Honduras is not aimed at “supporting  any particular individual,” (see post earlier today on this) I think Santos is the “US’ man” and may soon be installed as the “alternate interim” president.  Having served as Honduras’ veep from 2006-2008, he’s in the right league and, after a good haircut and a facial, he may start looking presidential.

I have said all along that neither Micheletti nor Zelaya will be serving as president.  It is obvious that the major goal of the US’ golpe de estado plan was to get and keep Zelaya out.  Micheletti was sent in to be the hatchet man, but having excelled so well at his job, his hands are dripping buckets of blood on the presidential palace carpet.  Micheletti is becoming a liability and must be jettisoned.

As they say, stay tuned.

Earlier today:

Quick Summary.  Around noon (2 PM EDT) today, a massive number of police invaded the university campus.  At the time, the students were holding a rally against the golpe.  The police attacked the students both inside and outside the school.  The police used tear gas, water cannons, guns with rubber bullets and also beat students with billy clubs.  The police retreated on several occasions and the students chased them and threw rocks.  At one point teachers and administrators attempted to leave the school and walked out very timidly waving white handkerchiefs in the air.  Later a police officer, who was after a young man, shoved and knocked two women down to the ground causing a man to fall on top of one of the women.  Later one of the women knocked to the ground was identified as the Rector of the university.  The police jostled two other men hauling one of them away.

It is illegal for police to enter a campus and lay siege to it.  This evening, check out Cholusat Sur TV, Channel 36 for more video of today’s attack and commentary:


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