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VIDEOS – BRUTAL WEDNESDAY at University: Cops, Cops, and More Cops

August 6, 2009

Who knows how many Honduran National Police invaded the campus of UNAH yesterday.  From grainy video it looked like hundreds of ninja turtles were oozing in every direction.  One thing for sure is that the equipment and uniforms appeared to be top-notch, no doubt a contribution from the US to improve police ability to “engage peacefully” in situations.

Below are several, videos from the campus yesterday. Not only did students get assaulted with billy clubs and shot with rubber bullets, the Rector of the university was brutally knocked down by a cop.

Rector of the University Takes a Full Body Block from Cop

Cop’s Campus Assault, Students Fight Back

Rector Tries to Get the Assault to Stop

The Rector Continues Valiantly to Stop Assault Plus a SLO-MO of the Brutal Body Block


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