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VIDEO: Prez Candidate, Elvin Santos, and His Gorillas Visit UNAH to Crack Heads

August 6, 2009

Day before yesterday, Tuesday, Elvin Santos, a golpista, presidential candidate AND  former vice-president of Honduars, attended a function at La Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Honduras (UNAH). As he left, he was booed, called a “golpista” and had water thrown on him by the students.  As they exited the building, Santos’ gorilla guards drew guns and beat the students with them.  One gorilla got off a shot for which a shell casing was found shortly thereafter.  Three students were injured.  One can only imagine that the massive police assault on the university that took place yesterday was in partial response to Santos’ provocative and threatening visit made on the previous day. In Latin America it is commonly forbidden for police or military to invade a university to achieve “political” ends.  Batista made such a mistake when he sent the police to the University of Havana to raid the student lawyers’ association, and, thereby, markely increased the population’s enmity for him.

Before getting on to the video, I want to raise a long shot scenario that involves Santos. Last night on Cholusat Sur TV, word began coming out that Santos is “being urged to talk with Zelaya.”  If you couple this with the fact that the State Department’s letter to Senator Lugar says that US policy in Honduras is not aimed at “supporting  any particular individual,” (see post earlier yesterday on this blog)change is on the horizon. The US is in a jam. After having done his duty by repressing  nearly the entire population of Honduras, Micheletti has acquired so much blood on his hands, he is a distinct liability.  The US cannot continue to have Zelaya hanging on the border with full access to the media. No, they must somehow install another “caretaker president” who will be seen as a “calming” influence.  And, Elvin Santos may just be the guy for the job.  Having served as Honduras’ veep from 2006-2008, he’s in the right league and, after a good haircut and a facial, he may start looking downright presidential.

Below is the video which shows Santos’ departure from the university.  Notice as he exits the building and, after the camera follows him from behind, a gorilla to his right, in a light blue  guayabera, reaches into his pants and begins to pull out a gun.  It is not long before all the gorillas are brandishing  their guns.

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