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President Obama, Quit Insulting Our Intelligence Regarding Honduras

August 11, 2009


Where does Lanny Davis go when he needs a little break from representing the coup leaders?  After reading comments made by Obama regarding Honduras during his trip to Mexico and listening to the audio of his remarks, I think Davis is making frequent trips to Washington to tutor Obama in the art of double-speak and arrogance.

From Mexico, Obama said that those who criticize US policy in Honduras are being “hypocritical.”  Why?  He figures if you condemn past US intervention in Latin America you can’t urge for US intervention  in Honduras without being a hypocrite.  Huh?  He ends with a gruff, “you can’t have it both ways,” said like your mother did when giving you a choice between a lime popsicle or an orange one.  Of course, what Obama is saying  makes no sense, but he has little else in his repetoire on this subject and, I am beginning to think, he’s hoping the right-wing will latch onto his remarks and run with it.  And, he hopes that we, his critics, will swallow it.

No one in their right mind is asking for more US “intervention,” a word that sends shivers down the spine of  people who give a damn about Latin America.  All Obama’s critics want to know is when the US is going to apply sanctions in a manner consistent with foreign affairs norms, international law, and on par with with those meted out by the EU and consistent with the UN.

President Zelaya was in Mexico visiting with President Calderon just a few days before Obama’s arrival.  Zelaya asked Calderon to talk with Obama about the US applying stronger economic measures to force the illegal coup government  out of power.  Since it appears that Obama won’t speak with Zelaya directly (plausible deniability and all), it appears that Zelaya already has his answer.

Just because the US was rightly criticized for its murderous assault on the people of Latin America over the last fifty years, what does this have to do with doing the right thing in Honduras?  Absolutely nothing.  It’s a dumb statement that a Lanny Davis might make just to provoke, to get a “rise” out of an opponent.  Well, Mr. Obama, you ain’t no Lanny Davis we are happy to say, so be careful about using his lines.

The point is that none of us is confused about Obama and Honduras.  The US is  an integral part of the planning and execution of this coup  which is designed to be the first shot across the bow to Central America and beyond.  Succeeding at the coup is a hugely important, US foreign policy goal in Latin America.  If it doesn’t work, all the murder, money, planning, and law breaking will be for naught.  It MUST succeed at all costs.  And this is why the Micheletti- Goriletti-Pinochetti coup government is such a danger to the people of Honduras — the US has their back, their whole back.copsarmyprotesters

While Obama was busy running for office, the peoples of the world were consolidating the globalization of  solidarity. Obama was seeking the highest office in the most imperialist country in the world while we were networking globally to get ready for the fight. Obama insults our intelligence and, no doubt, will continue to do so. But he should know that the  fight is here, the fight is now.  And, the numbers are on our side. “El pueblo unido . . .”

Obama’s Rant on Honduras

August 10, 2009

“Ouster of Honduran president Zelaya was coup “

  1. Roger Milbrandt permalink
    August 13, 2009 1:41 AM

    It seems to me the trick Obama is trying to play on the pro-democracy forces in Latin America is to twist the call for “action” on the part of the US into a call for “intervention.” The action that is called for in this case is really the opposite of intervention. What Zelaya, Chavez and many others want is the termination of the perennial intervention of the US in Honduras, which takes the form of military, trade, ideological and other linkages which likely fomented and certainly sustain the coup. Obama and his crew want us to believe that the cessation of intervention is actually intervention. It is he who wants to have it both ways.

    • August 13, 2009 8:49 AM

      Thanks for your comment. I think you are right on target.

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