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Fidel, Amigo, El Pueblo Esta Contigo! His 83rd Birthday

August 13, 2009

I can’t get too far along in this day without a salute to Fidel.  Today, he turns 83 years old.  May he live a very long time and continue to enlighten us with his rich reserves of knowledge and the kind of  life experiences that even screen writers in Hollywood could not construct.

The pic below is of Fidel with Grenada’s Prime Minister, Maurice Bishop.  It is one of my favorites because Fidel  is pensive and appears to sense the imperialist violence that is about to befall Bishop and end his life.

Here’s to Fidel and his solidarity with the peoples of the world, especially Angola, where Cuba’s intervention and defeat of the South African Defense Forces brought the denouement of apartheid in southern Africa.  Amandla!


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