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Al Giordano/Bill Conroy on Prez Hopeful Elvin Santos and His Direct Money Line To the US State Dept.

August 14, 2009

Pro-Coup Honduras Presidential Candidate Elvin Santos Is a Key Beneficiary of Continued US Government Funding

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Al and Bill have an excellent story here. Oh, what a tangled web it is.  About ten days ago, anti-golpista Cholusat Sur TV covered this story.  Perhaps their coverage was one of the reasons that the station got knocked off the air.

The Narco News article includes a photo that I’m sure the State Dept. wishes had never been taken and, the fact that it was taken in JUNE 2009, makes it even worse.  Although for a guy “running” for president, it’s not a bad photo to have sitting on your desk.

Looks like Santos had no problem getting an audience with the Secretary of State.  On the other hand, President Zelaya had to work at it a bit, didn’t he?


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