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CUIDADO! Cuban-American Terrorist, Armando Valladares, Heading to Honduras

August 18, 2009

Valladares, a Cuban-American, is a terrorist, a poet, a paralytic, and a CIA agent and he’s valladaresheading for Honduras.  The last time he was in Latin America it was as a representative of the Human Rights Foundation and he collaborated with a virtual United Nations’ of terrorists to overthrow President Evo Morales of Bolivia.

Valladares was an informant for the Batista police and then graudated to criminal acts of sabotage.  In 1960, he was put in jail and his most famous masquerade was his release from jail in a wheelchair disguised as a “paralytic poet” to garner sympathy.  When he arrived in the US, he was immediately employed by the CIA and later President Reagan made him ambassador to Geneva.  One can only imagine what act(s) of sabotage he had to conduct to win this prized appointment.

And one must wonder what sabotage he might have planned for Honduras.  Please see Granma International article below.


Havana. August 18, 2009

Accused of mega-fraud in Spain, conman Valladares heads for…Honduras

ARMANDO Valladares, the bizarre Cuban-American “dissident” whom Reagan appointed ambassador to the UN and who was recently involved – in his role as general secretary of the Human Rights Foundation – in an assassination attempt in Bolivia, has recently left this bogus NGO under the pretext of “devoting himself” to the Honduran “cause”.

The veteran “freedom fighter” has a good reason for using the Honduran coup regime smoke screen: he is to appear before a Spanish court for his involvement in a massive fraud, which could lead to his imprisonment or bankruptcy, or both.

The truth is that the multimillion-dollar fraud of which he is accused in Cantabria, Spain reveals his real personality as a conman.

This individual, who was a police officer during the Fulgencio Batista dictatorship in Cuba, suddenly materialized in Spain at the end of 2007 in the guise of a “U.S. investor” heading up a Miami-based international financial corporation, with a proposal for the Cantabrian government for a multimillion dollar investment in a Film City project.

An initiative of the Celtus Cantabrian business group, the development plan proposed to establish a leisure park in a former quarry that the regional government was intending to acquire and hand over to the project, to support the regional economy.

In 2006, Celtus contracted the specialist José Chauffleur in its search for investors. Shortly afterward, Chauffler introduced the “investor” Valladares to the business group as president of the “VFM Investment Group.” Valladares led the financial advisor to believe that his company had the backing of a certain Swiss Capital Corp, an alleged multinational corporation in Florida that would provide up front the majority of the 600 million euros needed for the theme park.

Enthused by the promises of Valladares – who always makes the most of his fame as a “Cuban dissident” and “anti-communist combatant” – Celtus’ investors accepted the deal without bothering to investigate his participation in the venture.

They soon realized that it was a con.

Chauffleur became VFM’s vice president in Europe and took responsibility for personally handling negotiations with the Cantabrian authorities who, in August 2008, awarded management of the project to…Valladares, excluding Celtus completely.


Horrified, the Celtus bosses reviewed the file only to discover the real nature of their delegates.

Firstly, they realized that the “specialist” Chauffleur was a first rate conman. He lied on his CV, which contained totally false information, from his experience as a consultant to well-known corporations to his supposed career as a university professor. Chauffleur is such as expert on business affairs that his assets have been frozen by Social Security, with debts of over 20,000 euros.

Worse still, the only Swiss aspect of the Swiss Capital Corp, located in the Miami district of Coral Gables, is its name and, perhaps, the chocolate consumed by its owners Carlos F. Muñoz and Sonia Moncayo.

In the light of all these indications of a veritable criminal plot to take over, divert and steal a project that was its initiative and property, Celtus has filed charges against Valladares, his accomplices and officials of the autonomous administration implicated in this case, described by Celtus as a “mega-fraud.”

The judge of the Court of First Instance and Instruction 5 in Santander has formally accepted the claims of wrongful appropriation, bribery, influence peddling, fraud and falsification against Chauffleur, Valladares, VFM, “and officials of the Cantabrian government, plus other unknown third parties who may have participated in the commission of the crimes outlined in the complaint.”

Meanwhile, in early April, the Cantabrian government – represented by its president Miguel Angel Revilla – asked the “dissident” Valladares, his buddy Chauffleur, and Muñoz, head of Swiss Capital Corp, to provide the minimum guarantees for executing the project. They never appeared.


It is not the first time that Valladares has found himself in a questionable situation. However, he reached the pinnacle of his extravagancies when Ronald Reagan appointed him U.S. ambassador to the UN Human Rights Commission in Geneva, where he won notoriety for his idiotic remarks.

While facing fraud charges in Spain, Valladares – protected by the pro-yanki inertia of the international press agencies, which have not reported the case – is still playing his role as a “defender of freedom” (the CIA version), by defending Honduran fascists opening fire on the population.

Meanwhile, the Santander Court has formally ordered a Letter Rogatory, asking the assistance of the U.S. Justice Department in questioning Valladares.

Sources in Miami are saying that, faced with the possibility of standing trial, it would come as no surprise if Valladares should decide to disappear in the Central American nation that he is now defending, and begin a new episode in his adventures as a pay rolled “freedom” fighter. (Jean-Guy Allard) •

Translated by Granma International

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