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Reports of “Sexual Violence” Committed by Golpista Repression Forces

August 18, 2009

Below is an alert posted in Habla Honduras from “Professional Latinamericans Against Abuse of Power,” regarding instances of sexual violence that have been committed by golpista repression forces in Honduras.  The report states that they have received various reports that women are being beaten and tortured especially in their genital area and the abuse is of a sexual nature.  They ask for the urgent intervention of  human rights organizations and humanitarian service organizations.  In addition, they call on the international press to spread the news broadly about what is taking place in Honduras.  Contact information is given below.

Further developments on this story will be reported here as they occur.

Difundir con urgencia- gracias

Profesionales Latinoamericanos/as contra el Abuso de Poder

Honduras- Denuncia: violencia de género-violencia sexual.

No a los golpes de estado- No a los golpes a las mujeres

Hemos recibido varias denuncias sobre violaciones a mujeresgolpes y daños (torturas) especial e intencionalmente en sus zonas genitales y caracteres sexuales secundarios. Denunciamos estos hechos a la comunidad internacional y pedimos la intervención urgente de Organismos de DDHHServicios de Ayuda Humanitaria con personal femenino y el apoyo de la prensa internacional para difundir lo que está sucediendo en Honduras en estos momentos.

Pilar Vendrell- Buenos Aires 54 11 4862 2141 contraabusodepoder@gmail com Santiago Tricánico- Montevideo Sonia Vaccaro- Madrid

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