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NO CRACKS IN THE COUP REGIME – It’s All Part of the Plan

August 19, 2009

APTOPIX Honduras Coup

Micheletti, golpista extraordinaire, suggested two days ago that it was an “error” to have kidnapped President Zelaya. He said that it was a different “sector” that had committed this act and that those responsible would have to answer for it.

Many, especially liberals, believe this to be a crack in the coup regime. No, this is housekeeping requested by the US.. The report this week that the US military at Soto Cano Air Base was in on the kidnapping of President elaya made the housekeeping mandatory.

For the US to maintain a shred of credibility concerning the coup and manipulate future stages such as bringing in a new president, it must have daylight between the civilian golpistas and the military golpistas. That daylight must portray the military as having been a rogue element when it kidnapped Zelaya and must remove any doubt that it collaborated with the US military and civilian golpistas.

Further, the US cannot allow itself to be forced into the position of having to call this a military coup and today’s Amnesty International report goes a long way to help in this regard. The report does not specifically address military abuses, but does state that it was a no-no for the police to use the military as its back-up. Actually, for many weeks, the military was on the front line and used the police to back them up. It does seem that the golpistas made a strategic change within the last couple of weeks by drawing back the military and heavily increasing police presence. Had this change not occurred, the US would have difficulty justifying continued US funding of the Honduran military.

In addition to a clean break between military and civilian golpistas, a story must be spun that Gen. Romeo Vasquez will “pay” for his misdeeds.

As I have mentioned before on this blog, this is like an all-star cast, acting in a play scripted a long time ago. The cast is being paid handsomely for its perseverance in keeping Zelaya out of the country. And, at the end of the day, Micheletti and Vasquez get together over a bottle of rum and laugh their asses off.

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