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Under De Facto Regime, Frente Nacional Will Boycott Elections and Anti-Coup Candidates Will Withdraw

August 20, 2009
Hondurans Opposed to Elections under de Facto Regime

HAVANA, Cuba, Aug 20 (acn) Presidential candidate Carlos H. Reyes and
the rank and file of the Liberal Party opposing the military coup
against Jose Manuel Zelaya, rejected the holding of elections in
Honduras under the de facto regime.

This stance coincides with that of the National Front against the Coup
d’etat, which brings together, since last week, a wide sector of the
society in the demand for the return of constitutional order in Honduras.

The Front, in a statement made on August 11, points out that it will
boycott the November 29 elections, if toppled president Jose Manuel
Zelaya is not reinstated to its post 15 days before voting, the Prensa
Latina news agency reports.

By way of a communiqué, Reyes and his collaborators express that the
independent candidacy will be maintained, but propose that the
candidates that are not coup perpetrators at all levels of popular
election withdraw from the electoral process if the dictatorship

The document also includes the proposal that the Front keeps its current
struggle against the dictatorship and in favor of a Constituent National
Assembly, and that it doesn’t become an electoral political front.

However, the text adds that it should advise citizens, when the time
comes, in terms of whom they should elect, and to indicate, in each
municipality and department, who are the candidates that didn’t
participate in the coup.

During a radio program of his organization on Thursday night, the leader
of the Liberal Coordinating Committee against the Coup d’Etat, Rafael
Barahona, expressed  his rejection to the holding the elections under
the conditions of the military coup.

The Liberal rank and file, made up by the National Front of Resistance
against the coup, didn’t recognize Elvin Santos as presidential
candidate, whom they criticize for not declaring himself to be against
the military coup.

The electoral campaign will begin on August 29, in a country controlled
by two traditional parties –the National and the Liberal-, the
candidates of which are rejected by the popular movement for being coup


Opuestos en Honduras a elecciones bajo gobierno de facto

Cuban News Agency

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