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HONDURAS’ Cuban Connection: Coup AND Assassination Attempts?

August 22, 2009

In an article he wrote (translated by Machetera) in early July, Dr. Nestor Garcia Iturbe, identified a network of Cuban terrorists that was involved in the coup against President Zelaya. Among them was Ralph Nodarse, owner of Channel 6 TV in San Pedro Sula and good buddy of terrorist Luis Posada Carriles.  The following article written by Miguel Angel Ferrer suggests that not only was Nodarse involved in the coup, but was an active participant in assassination attempts against President Zelaya.

And. as if this is not enough, let’s remember that the next stop for Cuban terrorist, Armando Valladares,  the darling of the Reganites, is supposed to be Honduras.

From The News (Mexico City) August 21, 2009
Cuban connection

It’s well known that one of the largest supporters of the coup against Honduran president Manuel Zelaya, was a Cuban [ex-patriate] multi-millionaire named Rafael Hernández Nodarse; more commonly know by his alias “Ralph H. Nodarse.” He is the owner of San Pedro Sula’s most popular TV station, Channel 6, which has played a decisive role in the justification of the coup and in the campaign to support Micheleti and the other insurrectionists.

Perhaps slightly less well known is that, before the coup, Ralph Nodarse was an active participant in assassination attempts against president Zelaya. And it may not be common knowledge, outside of Honduras, that his name came to light in a bombing attempt against former Honduran president Carlos Roberto Reina.

Outside of Honduras people probably don’t know about the meetings Nodarse held in his San Pedro Sula house with members of the Miami mafia to plan action against President Zelaya and his chancellor, Patricia Rodas, for their pro- Cuba posture in the meetings in Trinidad and Tobago in April; two months before Micheleti’s coup in June.

Nodarse’s links to the Miami mafia are nothing new, its just old friendly ties and political acquaintances. After Luis Posada Carriles (a CIA trained anti-Cuban terrorist) was released from a Panamanian prison in1994, pardoned in the middle of the night by president Mireya Moscoso hours before the end of his term, Nodarse took him in. Four years before in 1990, Posada was shot while leading a Death Squad in Guatemala and went right to San Pedro Sula.

Nodarse has a very long trajectory in Miami mafia circles that do not act only against Cuba, but also against Central America, most recently Honduras. None is safe from the long murderous arm of the counterrevolutionary Cubans of Miami. The fragile democratic institutions of Central America will serve as easy targets for Posada and Nodarse.
One can assume that President of the United States Barak Obama and his Secretary of State Hillary Clinton know about these public travesties, but still allow Nodarse and his family onto U.S. soil.

This doesn’t prove that Obama or Clinton are patrons or accomplices in the coup or to these terrorist circles, but it does show their hypocrisy and double standards concerning their public condemnation of terrorism. A few US visas to known international terrorists say more than a million words.

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