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Please Lanny, We Are All Tired of Your Stupid “Arguments”

August 22, 2009

BoRev hits the nail on the head, as always.  If you are not familiar with BoRev, I suggest you bookmark it.  BoRev stands for Bolivarian Revolution and initially focused on  propagandists hellbent on destroying Venezuela.  Since evil lurks in many corners of the globe, Borev has expanded its scope considerably and is on the job with the best stinging satire on the web.  Check it out

August 21, 2009
Please Lanny, We Are All Tired of Your Stupid “Arguments”lanny-davis_banner drop

Lanny Davis on July 22nd:

>>>”If you can show me facts proving that my clients are involved in violations of civil liberties, I’ll resign.”

Amnesty International’s report on the Honduran coup government issued August 19th:

>>>”Excessive force by police and military has been routine and hundreds of peaceful demonstrators have been subject to arbitrary detention.”

>>>”When they were arrested, no one was told where they were being taken, the reasons for their detention or the charges against them.”

>>> Student: “The police were throwing stones, they rounded us up, they threw us face down on the ground and they beat us – there are people with fractures, with head wounds, they beat us on the buttocks. They stole our cameras, they beat us if we raised our heads, they beat us when they were getting us into the police cars. They said ‘Cry and we’ll stop’.”

>>>”Amnesty International is also concerned by harassment and intimidation of human rights defenders; limits imposed on freedom of expression and the number of attacks against journalists – including the closure of media outlets, the confiscation of equipment and physical abuse of journalists and camerapersons covering events.”

>>>”The human rights situation outside of Tegucigalpa is believed to be equally or even more serious.”

>>>”At least two people have died after being shot during protests.”

Be a man Mr. Davis. You are tainting yourself for the rest of your life. There will be no jokes made about this later on, like when you defended Bill when he got a BJ from Lewinsky.

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