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Anti-Coup Rally Near OAS-De Facto Regime Meeting’s Venue

August 25, 2009

Anti-Coup Hondurans Rally Near OAS-De Facto Regime Meeting’s Venue  

HAVANA, Cuba, Aug 25 (acn) Thousands of Hondurans demanded Monday the
return of the constitutional order, when a mission from the Organization
of American States (OAS) traveled to the Central American country to
negotiate a solution to the situation created after the military coup of
June 28.
    The protesters held a rally near a hotel in the capital where the
OAS delegation made up seven foreign ministers and Secretary General,
Jose Miguel Insulza, is meeting with representatives of different
sectors of the country.
    According to a Prensa Latina report, the area, near the Presidential
Palace is guarded by a strong contingent of army troops and riot police
corps, which blocked access to the hotel.
    The march started from the vicinity of the National Pedagogical
University and toured several streets, chanting slogans in the 58th
consecutive day of resistance to the military coup.
    The protest coincided with a national strike of teachers and unions
in the public sector, organized by the three stations in the nation.
    A delegation of the National Front against the coup met with OAS’
representatives and raised popular demands for restoration of the rule
of law.
    Leader Rafael Alegria, who participated in the meeting, said that
this goal inevitably involves the return of President Manuel Zelaya.
    Meanwhile, Channel 36 television in Honduras remains off the air due
to a breach of its broadcasting equipment by a group of hooded men, who
also attacked computers of Radio Globo.
    Managers of the radio station reported that the assault took place
last night during the live broadcasting of an international concert
organized by the National Front against the coup.
    The two media have been occupied by military and other attacks since
early June 28 when the military overthrew President Manuel Zelaya, they


Reclaman hondureños restitución de orden constitucional

Cuban News Agency

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