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Cook up the Arroz Congris and Ropa Vieja, the Miami Cubans Are Coming!

August 25, 2009

CUBANPARKINGSign outside a Little Havana restaurant, MIAMI

So, let’s see Cuban terrorist, Ralph Nodarse lives in Honduras, Cuban terrorist Armando Valladares is on his way to Honduras, and Cuban terrorist, Rodolfo Frometa is ready to pack his bags to come to Honduras.  Read more on the ever-growing Cuban connection.


Terrorists from Miami Offer «Support» to Micheletti

The criminal, Rodolfo Frómeta, admits being able to bring Washington «support» to the de facto government in Honduras

By: Juventud Rebelde

2009-08-24 | 14:27:22 EST

TEGUCIGALPA, August 21.— The Cuban born terrorist, Rodolfo Frómeta, resident in Miami, arrived in Honduras to put himself at the service of the coup régime as a mercenary, the Honduran newspaper El Tiempo reported this Tuesday.

On his arrival outside the Presidential Palace, in Tegucigalpa, the terrorist said he was willing to support Roberto Micheletti and his fascist supporters «with long range weapons and, if necessary, financial resources».

Before the sanctions imposed by the international community against the coup leaders, the head of the Comandos F-4 paramilitary group boasted that he could «press important keys in Miami so that the oil companies supply fuel to Honduras», and he claimed to have «enough power among American congress members and senators to twist the arm of the selfsame president Barack Obama» so that he supports the de facto régime.

Frómeta also belonged to other terrorist groups of the Miami ultra right wing like Alpha-66 that perpetrated, from the US, numerous attacks and sabotage against economic objectives in Cuba.

Last July, the Honduran resistance denounced the presence in the country of ultra right wing groups, of Cuban and Venezuelan origin, supporting the coup d’etat.

The leader of the Civilian Council of Popular and Indigenous Organizations, Berta Cáceres, warned that among those dark forces were representatives of the Alpha-66 terrorist group, and she reported that the Venezuelan coup leader Robert Carmona, who has close links with the terrorist groups that operate in the city of Miami, had also traveled to the country.

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