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8/28 Day of Solidarity Against Coup: New York, Los Angeles Actions

August 28, 2009

From: International Action Center – Los Angeles <iacenterla@peo…


Subject: Aug. 28 – Nat’l Day of Action for Honduras
Date: Aug 27, 2009 10:28 PM


National Front Against the Coup in Honduras calls on
the progressive movement worldwide to hold
Global Days of Solidarity at U.S. Embassies around the world

More cities in the U.S. join the call for National Days of Solidarity

In Los Angeles: Informational Picketline at 12 Noon
Friday August 28th
Downtown Federal Building
300 N. Los Angeles St. Los Angeles
Contact: (323) 306-6240

In New York City: Gather at 4pm at Times Square

42nd St. & 7th Ave.

Rally 4-6pm

March to the Honduran Consulate at 48th & 1st Ave.

As the crisis for the Honduran oligarchy and U.S. imperialism
deepens, momentum gathers for the August 28th Days of Action against
the coup. August 28th will be the two month anniversary of the coup
d’état where President Manual Zelaya was ousted.

President Zelaya was legally and constitutionally elected but was
ousted by a right-wing coup on June 28th. Roberto Micheletti was
installed and the Honduran people have been resisting every single
day since then.

Despite this criminal and unjust attack of a democratically elected
government, there is hardly a word of protest from the U.S.
government. The Obama administration has made contradictory
statements about the coup and has said nothing about the daily
repression that has intensified since June 28th. In addition, news
accounts report that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is arranging
a visit from coup leaders to the U.S. This meeting would only help
legitimize this illegal government.

Both Amnesty International and the Interamerican Commission for Human
Rights have documented widespread police and military abuses directed
at anyone who supports the Honduran constitution or who calls for the
return of President Zelaya.

Despite this repression every single day for the past two months, the
Honduran people have organized. They have earned the name “los
incansables”, the tireless ones because they have non-stopped been
mobilizing against the coup.

Since the initial call for National Days of Solidarity made by the
International Action Center, dozens of cities have come on board.
These cities now include Tucson and Phoenix, Arizona; Boston, Mass;
Cleveland, Ohio; Los Angeles & San Jose, Ca; Atlanta, Ga; as well as
Detroit, MI.

At Friday’s demonstration in New York City, several Hondurans living
in the U.S. will address the rally. Anti war activists, union
members, Katrina survivors, and many others will show their
solidarity with the Honduran people.

Partial list of Initiating and Endorsing Organizations: National IAC,
May 1st, NALACC/NY (Acción Comunitaria La Aurora, Desfile Hondureño/
Centroamericano, Northern Manhattan Coalition for Immigrant Rights,
Red por la Paz y el Desarrollo de Guatemala, Salvadoran American
National Network (SANN), Red de Organizaciones
Afro-Centroamericanas-USA, Comité en Unión de Salvadoreños -CEUS-,
Latino Commission on AIDS, La Peña del Bronx, Trabajadoras por la
Paz, Alberto Lovera Bolivarian Circle, Frente Farabundo Martí para la
Liberación Nacional – FMLN, Red de Comunidades Salvadoreñas en el
Exterior, Empresarios por el Cambio, Centro de Derechos Laborales,
Ramsey Clark, Manhattan Local Green Party, NYC; Rev. Luis Barrios;
Bayan USA; Artists & Activists United for Peace, Peruvians in Action;
Human Rights Project of the Urban Justice Center; Millions 4 Mumia;
International League for Peoples Struggle; Comité Dominicano de
Solidaridad con los Pueblos, Jersey City Peace Movement, NJ Action
21, Colectivo Rebel-Diaz, Taller Experimental de Arte, Comité
HondurasUSAresisitencia, Proyecto Hondureño de Massachusetts, Comité
de Solidaridad Con la Resistencia Hondureña en Boston, CSNY (Cuba
Solidarity New York), Comite Dominicano de Solidaridad con los
Pueblos, Frente Democratico de Honduras.

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