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President Zelaya Says “Hell No” to “Crisis Plan”

August 29, 2009


After two months of Robert Micheletti’s “hell no” responses made repeatedly in an effort to run out the clock, Zelaya is saying  ‘hell no” to a plan that would allow him to  return to Honduras, but does not include a return to the presidency.  Zelaya’s ambassador to the OAS says the so-called “crisis plan” is nothing but an effort “to stall for time and make it appear as though they were talking.”

Actually, the real “crisis plan” was hatched on June 28 when a US-backed gang of golpistas, civilian and military, kidnapped a democratically-elected president, leaving the people of Honduras to pay for it — some with their lives.

Hell no, indeed!

Zelaya rejects crisis plan of Honduras’ interim government 2009-08-29 17:19:31

TEGUCIGALPA, Aug. 29 (Xinhua) — Ousted Honduran President Manuel Zelaya said Friday in Nicaragua’s capital Managua he would reject any crisis plan offered by the Honduran interim government that demands that he give up his presidential claim.

The Honduran negotiation delegation presented Honduras’ Interim president Roberto Micheletti’s proposal to the Washington-based Organization of American States (OAS) on Wednesday. The proposal states that both Micheletti and Zelaya resign to enable a third person to serve out the remainder of Zelaya’s constitutional term, which ends January.

Zelaya insisted he would reject any crisis plan that trampled on people’s rights. He added that only the people had the right to choose the president who would serve them.

He reiterated his position in the San Jose Agreement, emphasizing that the election organized by the interim government was illegal and would never get international support.

Zelaya’s ambassador to the OAS, Carlos Sosa, said they did not accept the crisis plan because it was an effort to stall for time and make it appear as if they were talking, according to the Washington Post.

OAS Secretary-General Jose Miguel Insulza believed there would be no agreement to end the Honduran crisis unless Zelaya returns to the presidency.

The San Jose agreement, proposed by Costa Rican President Oscar Arias, demands that Zelaya be allowed to return to power. The proposal, recognized by the OAS and the United States as the best solution to the Honduran crisis, also includes a reconciliatory government, a general election and political amnesty.

Zelaya, who was removed from the Honduran presidency by a political-military coup on June 28, was replaced by Micheletti.

Despite enjoying strong international support during his two-month expulsion, Zelaya has been unsuccessful at returning to power. ”

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  1. Downwinder permalink
    August 29, 2009 10:25 PM

    Very good article needs to be promoted.

    Reflections on Peaceful Protest and Constitutional Dialogue in San Pedro Sula, Honduras
    By David Maxted

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