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Cuba Expresses its Solidarity with the Honduran People

September 3, 2009


Cuba Expresses its Solidarity with the Honduran People

HAVANA, Cuba, Sep 3 (acn) Cuban religious and social institutions
expressed their solidarity with the Honduran people because of the coup
d´état in the Central American country, in a ceremony held at the
Evenezer Baptist church, in the municipality of Marianao.

Reverend Raul Suarez, director of the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial
Center, highlighted that the Honduran brothers can count on the total
support of the Cuban people under any circumstances.

Berta Caceres, leader of the Honduran Civil Council of Indigenous
Organizations, belonging to the Resistance National Front, called for
international solidarity and stressed the need to create support for the
Honduran people committees everywhere.

Caceres said that in Honduras the fight is not only for the country's
destiny, but also that all of Latin America, the Caribbean and the
world, since the coup trend is a strategy that is part of the imperial
reaction against the solidarity processes, like the Bolivarian Alliance
for the Peoples of Our Americas (ALBA).

Cuban singers Vicente Feliu and Eduardo Sosa, along with Paraguayan Hugo
Ferreira, sang songs of solidarity to pay homage to the brave Central
American people.

The ceremony was attended by Kenia Serrano, president of the Cuban
Friendship institute and Juan Ramon Elvir, Ambassador to Cuba from the
legitimate Honduran government, along other prominent figures.

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Expresa Cuba solidaridad con el pueblo hondureño

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