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September 3, 2009

Just two items to pass along followed by the hunch:

Official photo of President Zelaya and Hillary Clinton

Another stream-of-consciousness, reality suspending US State Department  press briefing on Honduras


In the post just previous to this one, I stated that if President Zelaya was returned to the presidency, the US would hamstring him to keep him from doing something good for the people and that the US might accomplish this through conditions laid out in the $150 million IMF loan.  I began to wonder under what circumstances the US might want to return him to the presidency and then the light bulb went off.  In today’s announcement about the termination of aid to Honduras, the State Department also stated that it would not consider a Honduran election under the current circumstances to be valid.

The international community is champing at the bit to challenge this election.  While the US has gotten away with not designating the June 28 takeover a military coup, it knows it is going to have a tough time supporting an election run by a thug regime which has run up a pretty nasty, but well-documented human rights record.

At the latter part of August, Zelaya’s deputy foreign minister announced that the president would be back in Honduras by September 1.  Zelaya also mentioned that he would return by then in a taped message to his followers.  Well, it is past September 1, but not by much, and there is only one person who can put the stamp of legitimacy on the Honduran election — the constitutional president, Jose Manuel Zelaya.

Stay tuned!

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