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Honduran Resistance Holds its First National Assembly to Decide Next Steps

September 7, 2009


September 7, 2009

Google translation. Revised by Walter Lippmann, CubaNews List Editor.

Resistance in Honduras holds its first national assembly

TEGUCIGALPA, September 6 .- The National Front Against the Coup in Honduras agreed today to strengthen its structures at the neighborhood and village level and to increase its drive to regain the constitutional order, indicates Prensa Latina.

The decision was taken at the first national assembly of the alliance of popular forces and progressive parties, created a few hours after the military coup of 28 June.

Delegates reaffirmed their demands for the restoration of constitutional order and the restitution of President Manuel Zelaya, and the convening of a national popular, participatory, inclusive and democratic constituent assembly .

It also confirmed the active rejection of the electoral process leading up to 29 November election, if it is organized by the regime that took over after the termination of rule of law.

The general coordinator of the Front, Juan Barahona, said the meeting was attended by delegations of the 18 departments of the country, who approved 14 resolutions, including the organization’s general guidelines and a national anti-coup action next week.

In one of the approved documents, the Front is defined as a unitary organization and seeking to defend their democratic rights in a peaceful and active manner.

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