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El Frente Nacional Taking it International – Meeting October 8-10, 2009, Teguz

September 9, 2009
El Frente Nacional announced today that it will convene an international
meeting in Tegucigalpa October 8-10 to to focus on future strategies to
fight against the coup and to hold a constituent national assembly.
El Frente plans to consolidate international solidarity by forming Solidarity
Committees.  The following article in English from the Cuba News Agency covers
the international solidarity committee concept.  

Specific information about El Frente Nacional's October meeting can be found
on the website of Honduras Resiste y Vence and includes a draft agenda and proposed
discussion themes.

Int’l Commission Supporting Honduras’s Fight against Coup Emerges

HAVANA, Cuba, Sept 9 (acn) An international commission in support of the
Honduran people’s resistance against the military coup was created in
Tegucigalpa to coordinate solidarity actions in favor of the fight to
restore constitutional order in this Central American nation.
    The National Front against the Coup d’Etat made the announcement
this Wednesday, when one of the group’s representatives said among
objectives of the commission is the creation of Solidarity Committees
and to have Hondurans living abroad join the fight against the de facto
    The commission will facilitate the reception of economic aid from
other countries by opening a bank account that will be made public. It
will also promote the activities of the resistance movement through the
internet, Prensa Latina news agency reported.
    The Front, which includes unions, farmers, students, and women’s
organizations, among other progressive groups, carried out a national
assembly last Sunday when it was agreed to lead a structuring process
that will take about three months. 

Cuban News Agency

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