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Revolutionary Honduran Women Stand Tall Right Next to Those in Cuba

September 11, 2009

0911raulaselaPresident Raul Castro, Asela de los Santos Tamayo, and Ramiro Valdes

Throughout the struggle in Honduras against the golpista regime, we have seen many examples
of courage from revolutionary women who are a major force in the resistance.  I am especially
struck by older women who have witnessed years of repression and continue to muster the strength
to keep fighting.

Many women fought in the Cuban revolution including Celia Sanchez, Haydee Santamaria, and Vilma
Espin. The following article is about an elderly woman  who was decorated for her valor with the Playa
Giron Order by President Raul Castro on the occasion of her 80th birthday.

No matter the struggle, when you are fighting shoulder to shoulder with the people, inspiration from
women who came before is always welcome.  Today, I give you Cuban revolutionary, Asela de los
Santos Tamayo.

Following the article are pictures of older Honduran women involved in the resistance.

Cuba News Agency

Raul Castro Decorates Cuban Revolutionary Asela de los Santos

HAVANA, Cuba, Sept 11 (acn) President Raul Castro presented the Playa 
Giron (Bay of Pigs) Order on Thursday to Cuban revolutionary Asela de 
los Santos Tamayo on the occasion of her 80th birthday anniversary.

    During the ceremony, the revolutionary and pedagogue also received a 
replica of the Granma Yatch from the hands of Army Corps General Julio 
Casas Regueiro on behalf of the Cuban Revolutionary Armed Forces, and a 
portrayal of Ernesto Che Guevara from Army Corps General Abelardo Colome 
Ibarra on behalf of the Interior Ministry.

    According to Granma newspaper, after receiving the tribute and in 
the presence of many comrades-in-arms, Asela, visibly moved, expressed 
her gratitude with her proverbial humility.

    Asela de los Santos joined the revolutionary struggle against the 
Batista dictatorship in the early 1950s when she became a close friend 
of revolutionary heroine Vilma Espin. She participated in the November 
30th 1956 popular uprising in Santiago de Cuba and joined the Rebel Army 
in 1958.

    In 1960, she participated in the creation of the Cuban Women’s 
Federation along with Vilma Espin and, in 1970, she was named General 
Director for the Training of Teaching Personnel and she was later 
appointed Minister of Education.

    Asela de los Santos is a founder of the Cuban Communist Party and 
she was a member of its Central Committee for three terms.

Cuban News Agency

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