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President Zelaya Press Release: No Election Activity, Prepare for Boycott

September 15, 2009
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Zelaya Reiterates Illegality of the Coup Perpetrators’ Electoral Process

HAVANA, Cuba, Sept 15 (acn) Honduran constitutional president José
Manuel Zelaya reiterated on Tuesday the illegality of the electoral
process convened by the coup perpetrators in that Central American
nation, and urged political forces to mount a boycott against it.

A press release distributed by the Honduran embassy in Managua,
Nicaragua, points out that the people shouldn’t participate in any
electoral activity until Zelaya is reinstated in his post as President
of the Republic, the Prensa Latina news agency reports.

The Honduran head of state said that nobody can talk about elections in
a country where there’s no guarantee that the people’s wish is going to
be respected, and from where its President has been expelled.

If that happened, added Zelaya, any organized group can stage a military
coup d’etat in any part of the world, and then call to elections and
stay in power.     


Reitera Zelaya ilegalidad de proceso electoral de golpistas

Cuban News Agency

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