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Honduran Teachers Begin 48-Hour Strike

September 17, 2009
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Honduran Teachers Begin Strike against Coup Perpetrators

HAVANA, Cuba, Sep 17 (acn) Teachers and professors in Honduras have 
begun a 48-hour strike to condemn the June 28 coup and to demand the 
reinstatement of constitutional order in their country.
The strike, convened by the Honduran Federation of Teaching 
(FOMH) on Sunday, is part of the popular actions organized by the 
National Front against the Coup, the Prensa Latina news agency reports.
For their part, leaders of the Association of Higher Education 
(COPEMH) said they’ll be on strike on Thursday and Friday, to then join 
the resistance’s demonstrations the rest of the week.
Eulogio Chavez, president of COPEMH, pointed out that these 
demonstrations will continue until the restoration of democracy in 
Honduras is achieved.
The FOMH came out on general strike the day after the military coup 
that toppled constitutional president Manuel Zelaya. It kept it for a 
month and later on adopted the strategy of offering three days of 
classes a week.
Thursday marked the 82nd day of popular resistance against the Honduran 
de facto regime.


Docentes de Honduras inician huelga contra golpistas

Cuban News Agency

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