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VIDEO: Hard to Get Thrown Out of a UN Meeting – Honduran Golpista Ambassador Shows How It’s Done

September 19, 2009

Thanks to Honduras en Lucha for posting this video and for all the wonderful work they do to keep us informed about all aspects of the National Resistance.

If you haven’t been following the Honduras news closely over the last week you might not know that the UN Human Rights Council, meeting in Geneva, denied “observer” status to Honduran golpista ambassador, Delmer Urbizo.  Why? Well, stick with me here, because the guy that sent Urbizo to Geneva, Roberto Micheletti, is not the legal, constitutional president of Honduras and was involved in the illegal, unconstitutional removal of the legal, constitutional president, Manuel Zelaya.

First, here  is an excerpt from a Reuters article, that will give you the whole who-hit-johnny, and then you can proceed to the video to watch the drama.

Honduran Envoy Says Thrown Out of UN Rights Body

Mon Sep 14, 2009 3:03pm EDT

* Brazil, Argentina say envoy represents illegal government

* Dispute stalls proceedings at U.N. Human Rights Council

By Robert Evans

GENEVA, Sept 14 (Reuters) – The Honduran ambassador to the United Nations in Geneva said on Monday he had been ordered out of the U.N. Human Rights Council after other Latin American countries accused him of representing an “illegal” regime.

After a day of confusion which stalled the start of the three-week session of the 47-nation council, envoy J. Delmer Urbizo left the hall declaring loudly in English and Spanish: “We will be back! Volveremos!”

The dramatic scenes came after Argentina, Brazil, Mexico and Cuba insisted that Delmer Urbizo, who has served as ambassador in Geneva for three years, could not stay unless he was approved by ousted Honduran president Manuel Zelaya.

Alex Van Meeuwen, the Belgian president of the Human Rights Council, told the envoy he could not speak in response since Honduras is only an observer in the forum, and should leave while his credentials were checked overnight.

“I was ordered out. They have put security guards on me to make sure I left,” Delmer Urbizo told reporters as blue-shirted U.N. police stood by. “But we will be back, make no mistake, and these people will see what they have done.”

Van Meeuwen later issued a statement saying he became aware late on Monday afternoon that Zelaya’s government had reportedly written a letter on Aug. 20 indicating Delmer Urbizo “did not represent the constitutional president”.

“I hope to have clarification on this technical and organisational yet very sensitive matter, so the Human Rights Council can proceed with its work and follow the programme we have set out together,” he said.

“We will continue to discuss this matter as it is still on the table. I should state very clearly that the Human Rights Council does not exclude any country from participating in its sessions.”

Delmer Urbizo said he and other diplomats from the country’s mission in Geneva — where he has declared his support for Honduras’ de facto ruler Roberto Micheletti — would return after elections set for November.

There was no rival delegation from Zelaya’s government in exile in the hall, but no country spoke in Delmer Urbizo’s defence. The U.N. General Assembly has called on its members not to recognise the Micheletti government, which took power after a June military coup.

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