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HONDURAN NATIONAL RESISTANCE Running Updates for September 23Rd

September 23, 2009

The National Resistance folks continue to request that we circulate their Twitter posts to others.  I’m going to try doing a running update throughout the day and see if that works.  Again, these updates come from primarily the National Front and Honduras en Lucha websites.

I want to highlight one particular bit of news.  Radio Globo has been knocked off the air, but the National Resistance website is broadcasting their coverage.  Here’s the URL in case you wish to pass it along to others:

September 23 Updates

9:30 PM :

The national government TV channel announced earlier today that a new curfew would begin at 5PM and would remain in effect until the golpistas inform the population otherwise. Essentially, the curfew is indeterminate.

Grave repression against the Resistance mobilization in Tegucigalpa, especially in the barrio of Morazon.

Costa Rican embassy is suggesting to Costa Ricans in Honduras that if they are not a resident, they should get out of the country.

Reports of commando battalions moving towards Tegucigalpa from the eastern part of the country.

Twenty-one deputies of the Liberal Party issued a comunique recognizing Mel as the constitutional president and vowing their support for Plan Arias.

Blog Mirada de Halcon has the following picture of the sound/noisemaking equipment that was being used outside the Brazilian embassy and is looking for anyone who can identify it and what it does.


Below is a listing of many videos showing repression. This listing is from the website Tortila con Sal

HONDURAS : Más videos de la represión

5:30PM:  Jairo Lopez, the President of the Union of Workers of INFOP, has been gravely injured by a shot to the head by  police.

Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, and the OAS’ Inter-American Commission on Human Rights have all issued press releases concerning the mounting violence against President Zelaya’s reporters.  These press releases are posted on the blog of the Honduras Embassy in Washington.

2:30PM:  Thousands of people have congregated at the University to participate in the march.

At the Brazilian embassy, the golpista forces are using a very invasive kind of acoustics that is loud, applied for a long amount of time and is thought to cause irreparable damage to the ears.

The United Nations brought food and water to the Brazilian embassy last night.

The Red Cross is reporting as of this morning, they have treated at least 50 people who have been wounded or beat up.

The website, La Franja Feminista, is reporting that there are thousands at the University protesting, about 400 demonstrators have been detained, and that there are now four people dead since Monday.

A link from the Habla Honduras website recommends a video that showcases the Venezuela TV show “Dossier” which has done an in-depth look at the current crisis in Honduras

Noon: Demonstrators have amassed at the Universidad Pedagogica.

10:30AM: You can pick up Radio Globo broadcasting through the National Resistance website at:

10:30AM: There are warnings that systematic repression will begin in earnest with the turning off of electricity throughout the country. Reports continue of repression, illegal detentions, and deaths.

9:30AM: Various cuts of electricity in Tegucigalpa and San Pedro Sula. There is concern that there will be a general cut of electricity throughout the country.

9:00AM: The Micheletti government has extended the national curfew through 6pm today. Reports of popular insurrections in poor neighborhoods throughout Tegucigalpa.

7:30AM: Strong repression against demonstrators in the colonia of Kennedy in Tegucigalpa. The golpista forces are shooting live rounds and tear gas.

  1. September 23, 2009 2:10 PM

    The link to the national resistance website leads to a 404. Having trouble finding it on google, is it possible to correct this?

    • September 23, 2009 2:20 PM

      Thanks folks. Sorry about the link to get to the website to listen to Radio Globo. It is now fixed.

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