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Zelaya Denounces De Facto Government’s Plan to Assassinate Him TONITE

September 23, 2009
Zelaya Denounces De Facto Government's Plan for his Assassination 

HAVANA, Cuba, Sept 23 (acn) Honduran constitutional president Jose
Manuel Zelaya has denounced the existence of plans by the de facto
regime to attack the Brazilian embassy on Wednesday night, assassinate
him, and then say he committed suicide.
    According to an early Wednesday morning Prensa Latina news agency
report, the head of state, who returned to the country by surprise after
three months of being expelled by military coup perpetrators, assured he
has serious evidence on preparations for his assassination.
    He specified that the area where the Brazilian embassy is located is
completely militarized, and that the police raid the houses next to the
building to complete the siege. Zelaya added that even a forensic judge
who had the mission of certifying the version of his suicide
has been seen in the area.
    “If I die tonight, it will be a vile assassination. José Manuel
Zelaya Rosales does not commit suicide. I have no vocation to die that
way,” said the constitutional president.
    “I would rather resist (in Honduras) than living in exile,” pointed
out Zelaya.
   He informed that he is at the Brazilian embassy together with his
family, members of his government and other personalities who decided to
accompany him.
    In related news, the de facto regime has announced it has no
intention of seizing the embassy of the South American nation to arrest


Advierte Manuel Zelaya de planes de asesinarlo

Cuban News Agency

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