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Bloody Tuesday and Wednesday – Chronicle from Feminists in Resistance

September 24, 2009


Thursday, September 24, 2009

Repression from Septmber 22nd-23rd

At least four people died, among them an eight year old child in the confrontations that took place in Tegucigalpa

The peasant leader who directs the Front of Resistance Against the Coup d’Etat in Honduras, Rafael Alegría, confirmed to the Honduran radio station Radio Globo the death of two people poisoned by teargas used by the military and police to disperse the protesters around the Brazillian embassy in Tegucigalpa, where Zelaya has been since Monday. At the same time, Alegría confirmed to the radio station the death of a union leader of the workers of the National Agrarian Institute because of a bullet.

At the same time, Zelaya spokesperson Omar Palacios confirmed to the Nicaraguan newspaper Nuevo Diario the death of an eight year old child who was living next to the Brazillian embassy which continues to be surrounded by military and police. The child died asphyxiated by the tear gasses that were used.

“They attacked the house with bombs and didn’t give them the opportunity to leave. There was no humanitarian consideration even to take out their remains,” added Palacios.

Since the coup of the 28th of une until the month of August, according to information from the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, four people have been killed during acts of protest against the Micheletti government, in which “mass beatings and detentions have proliferated” against the opposition to him. Amnesty International (AI) denounced an increase in police beatings, massive arrests of protesters against the de fact government and the intimidation of human rights activists in honduras since the coup in June. “Numerous protesters” were attacked by the authorities.

For his part, Zelaya indicated that he has information that at least ten people have died in the country in the incidents that happened Tuesday between his followers and the police forces.

“I have information of more than ten people killed yesterday,” said Zelaya in declarations made by telephone to the media.

Chronicle of September 23rd from Feminists in Resistance

Sisters, at 88 days of resistance, yesterday in my neighborhood women, men and kids filled the boulevard of the armed forces, we burned tires and took over the boulevard, defying the curfew that the coup-makers had installed yesterday, at 8 pm a white Nissan vehicle came, turned on its lights and parked at one of the barricades that we had put up. From the car there were three shots, minutes later two police tanks arrived blasting us with water and tear gas, two trucks of military and two police patrols full of police arrived, there were also soldiers walking, all of them completely armed, they arrived even at the houses firing tear gas and water, from this moment they started to fire without stopping and for a period they would go then come back shooting, all night was a night of war, and we woke up with two helicopters flying over our neighborhoods, LA NUEVA ESPERANZA (the New Hope) and EL PROGESO (the Progress).

Today the 23rd of September more than 60,000 of us gathered at the National Pedagogical University, from where we left towards the UN. We were all going with lots of strength and energy to continue with the popular insurrection. When we got halfway to the Guadalupe bridge, there were hundreds of police and military, but thanks to the strength of the people we were repelling the military and police until we got to the red building in the Palmira neighborhood, when the “leadership of the resistance” said we should head to the center, several of us were left at the end of the march and the BAD AUTHORITIES when they saw that there were few of us started to throw tear gas at us and follow us, we ran two blocks, when a patrol car was following us LIDICE and myself (SARA), we ran and we left some behind, and the patrol captured them, [We escaped] thanks to the solidarity of one friend who let us come into his house which in that moment had the door open. When we could leave that place we got to downtown, where the military of all colors and with lots of arms that we had never seen surrounded us around the center of the city street by street, they fired on people, and FOR A SECOND TIME WE WERE ABLE TO GET OUT. Sisters we are being cruelly repressed, beaten and killed from the neighborhoods in resistance they have already killed several, they have cut off the signals of Channel 36 and Radio Globo.

Please we need support “THEY ARE GOING TO KILL US”

Feminists in Resistance!!!

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