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Honduras National Resistance Running Update – September 24

September 24, 2009

Information for this update comes from websites that report on the struggle of the Honduran National Resistance: 

El Frente Nacional Contra el Golpe de Estado, Honduras en Lucha

Habla Honduras, Resiste y Vence, and Resistencia Honduras

6:00PM (EDT)

Overall situation: Massive uprisings in neighborhoods throughout Tegucigalpa are being strongly repressed by police and military with rubber bullets, live ammunition, tear gas, beatings, and sexual assault. Despite this, protests for the restoration of democracy continue. It appears there could be as many as 16 people dead, around 700 detained, and over 100 in the hospital with wounds.

During his speech at the UN General Assembly meeting in NY this afternoon, President Chavez firmly denounced the coup in Honduras. Chavez will appear in an interview with Larry King tonight on CNN at 9:00PM (EDT)

An emissary of the de facto regime of Roberto Micheletti put forth a deal to Zelaya today: The offer involved Mel agreeing to disregard human rights abuses and crimes committed by the golpistas and acceptance of a “third” interim president who would replace Micheletti.. For agreeing to this, Mel could gain his freedom. Needless to say, Mel rejected the proposal.

El Frente Nacional Contra el Golpe de Estado is suggesting that demonstrations be conducted within barrios to avoid confrontation.

The golpistas are staging marches of their own, camisas blancas or white shirt marches. In order to fill the streets they are paying people 300 lempiras to participate.

De facto ministries are making public employees march in favor of the coup and are warned that they will be dismissed from their jobs if they do not obey.

Dr. Luther Castillo, Garifuna leader, graduate of Cuba’s School of Medicine, and founder of the Garifuna Community Hospital in Honduras, is in Washington, DC, to make presentations to various groups. A schedule of his appearances will be supplied on this blog when it becomes available.

Jimmy Carter has contacted Micheletti in an effort to end the crisis in Honduras

10:00AM (edt)

The golpistas announce that the curfew has been lifted. (reported by the BBC)

The International Criminal Court has agreed to look into accusations against the violators of human rights in Honduras.

At least four persons dead, including an 8 year-old child. The President of the Union of Workers of INFOP reported shot yesterday has now died.

Between 30,000 an 60,000 demonstrators participated in the demonstration at the Pedagogical University yesterday. The repression from police was severe and dozens of people were seriously injured.

Ambassadors from various countries are coming out with a petition asking the golpistas to step aside and allow the constitutional president to begin governing anew.

Incidents of torture are being described by supporters of the President as well as disappearances (see pictures below).

The International Federation on Human Rights, based in Paris, demands that the UN Security Council take decisive action to stop the repression against the citizens of Honduras in order to avoid a “bloodbath.”

Rigoberta Menchu supports the return of the democratically-elected president and calls for the international community to help stop the repression in Honduras and specifically the OAS and the UN should take the lead in preventing violations of human rights.

The people of Honduras vow to continue the resistance against the golpistas.

The president has begun to govern from the Brazilian embassy

Pictures of Torture and Abuse from Honduras en Lucha website:

Torture 1



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