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Honduran National Resistance Update – 9/26

September 26, 2009


A curfew was called in Honduras from 6PM this evening to 6AM tomorrow morning. The curfew  applies to border areas including Tegucigalpa, but excludes the interior regions of the country. The golpistas stated that the curfew was necessary to “guarantee peace and public order and particularly important in light of calls for insurrection made by Mr. Manuel Zelaya.”

According to the BBC and Oscar Arias, the OAS is trying to get President Zelaya and Micheletti in a face-to-face meeting.

A delegation from the Brazilian government is to visit Honduras on Tuesday, September 28, to check out the Honduran crisis, according to Bloomberg.

President Zelaya’s Minister of Health, Carlos Aguilar, has confirmed that noxious gases are being emitted into the Brazilian embassy.

The bishop of Santa Rosa denounces the coup and asks for a constituent assembly.

The ex-president of Guatemala, Alvaro Arzu, expressed his support the Micheletti regime on Friday.

Finally, a challenge to all.  If these women can get out on the streets and kick ass, so should we. This picture was taken yesterday, on the 90th day of the people’s resistance.


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