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US’ Ice Queen Ambassador Prevents Real Discussion of Honduras Issue At UN

September 27, 2009


The United States is chairing the UN Security Council this month (chair rotates monthly) and, as such, Susan Rice, US Ambassador to the UN, holds the gavel and controls the Council’s agenda.  It is not uncommon for the US to place issues on the agenda to coincide with its chairmanship so that it can promote them swiftly or deep-six them altogether.  With last Friday’s Security Council’s anemic approach to the crisis of  Brazil’s embassy in Honduras, it appears this issue fell into the  latter category.

In my update of September 25, I included news about the US’ perspective on the UN Security Council discussion regarding the Brazil embassy crisis.  From the update:

US Ambassador to the UN, Susan (Ice Queen) Rice said “the embassy – not the political crisis itself – was the focus of the meeting.”

Since Friday, I have been thinking that there must have been some dissent on this issue and, sure enough, ANSA Latina provides the proof.  In its article below, we find that there was wrangling over the scope of the UN Security Council meeting about the crisis at the Brazilian embassy in Honduras.  The article is in Spanish, but here is a brief English summary:

Brazil’s Foreign Minister, Celso Amorim, stated that, in a conversation with Ambassador Rice, she disagreed with calling a Security Council meeting to address the situation in Honduras, especially concerning the hostility of the Honduran military against the Brazilian embassy (gee, I thought this was the issue!).  As this  conversation was taking  place in NY, the Honduran military was sending gases into the embassy and had formed a full military cordon around the building.  Amorim warned Rice about a possible invasion of the embassy and added to Rice that, “if it was the US embassy that was being subjected to such hostility, you would be very irritated.”

Once again, the US persists in keeping as much daylight between itself and injustices it has a finger in.  Yet, one more example of why a reform of the make-up of the Security Council is in order.  On Thursday, Vietnam takes over as the October chair of the Security Council.  Depending on your view of the ‘new” Vietnam  and its acceptance of numerous US maquiladora operations, the US may have significant influence over the content of October’s agenda.

Final point, Susan Rice, has some peculiar personality issues that make her less than a diplomatic wonder.  She has all the charisma of a brick wall and her demeanor is that of the tough kid on the block.  I know people who had diplomatic doings with her her when she was at the State Department  and they concur in this assessment.  In retrospect, my calling her the Ice Queen is kind.

Ansa Latina informa: EEUU dice que el Consejo de Seguridad de la ONU no es lugar para hablar el tema de Honduras

Por Ansa Latina
sabado, 26 de septiembre 2009

BRASILIA, 26 (ANSA) – El canciller brasileño Celso Amorim discrepó con la embajadora norteamericana ante la ONU donde fue tratada la situación en Honduras, al tiempo que el Partido de los Trabajadores, del presidente Lula da Silva, considera “tibia” la posición de Washington.

La prensa brasileña informó hoy sobre una discusión entre el canciller Celso Amorim y la embajadora estadounidense ante la ONU, Susan Rice, en torno a las iniciativas diplomáticas sobre la tensión en el país centroamericano.

Susan Rice manifestó a Amorim su desacuerdo con Brasil por haber pedido una reunión del Consejo de Seguridad de la ONU para tratar la situación hondureña, en particular la hostilidad de militares contra la embajada brasileña, donde está refugiado desde el lunes el presidente depuesto Manuel Zelaya.

“Este no es el lugar (Consejo de Seguridad ONU) adecuado para este tipo de presentación” dijo Rice a Amorim, durante un diálogo privado ocurrido en el Palacio de Cristal de la ONU, publicó hoy Estado de Sao Paulo.

La legación diplomática brasileña fue atacada ayer con gases presuntamente tóxicos y desde el lunes permanece cercada por un cordón militar que restringe el ingreso de visitantes.

Por su parte Amorim, que en su discurso ante el Consejo de Seguridad advirtió sobre un posible intento de invasión a la embajada. Respondió a Rice alegando que “si la embajada de Estados Unidos (hubiera sido hostilizada) usted estaría muy irritada”. DFB
26/09/2009 20:51

  1. Downwinder permalink
    September 28, 2009 12:06 PM

    The Honduran constitution suspencion order was dated the 22nd.
    The “Ice Queen” is an extension of the Secretary of State.
    There is no longer a question of overt US support for the Honduran coupe.
    The only question is whether the Pentagon or the White House is driving US policy.

    I are we living under a military dictatorship?

    • September 28, 2009 1:11 PM


      Thanks for mentioning that the Honduran constitution suspension order was dated Sept. 22. I remember seeing that somewhere but forgot about it until just now.

  2. September 27, 2009 4:18 PM

    You’ve been doing great work here with the running updates. I see that the coup government just deported 5 members of the OAS delegation, including a US official. Curfew has been declared from 9 pm tonight (9/27) until an undetermined (thus far) time tomorrow. It would be great to see you continue running updates on honduras.

    Thank you for your continuing dedication to democracy and the struggle for freedom in Honduras.

    You have solidarity here in the United States as well.

    (phnx0221 on twitter)

    • September 27, 2009 6:17 PM

      Thanks, Amy, for your great updates. I hope to put out an update for today a little later this evening and will include yours as well. Also, thanks for your kind comments. I am located in the US and cannot take any credit for the heroic efforts of the people in Honduras to crush this coup.

      We all do our part and I know from other comments from you that you are certainly doing yours.


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