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Honduran National Resistance Update – 9/28

September 28, 2009


>Amy tipped me off that RADIO GLOBO is streaming live through the internet.  I haven’t been able to get a particular player to open up so I can hear it.  But, maybe you can.  Here are Amy’s instructions:

Radio Globo is broadcasting over the internet (streaming – opens in a new player)

Here is the link:

It opens up in VLC media player for me, hopefully it will open up for you as well if you don’t have VLC

>Three resistance websites have current audio interviews (in Spanish) with a variety of people including Dr. Juan Almendares and an employee of Radio Globo who describe the repression and the National Resistance’s response.  The sites are:  Honduras y Vence Honduras en Lucha and Honduras Indymedia

>Twitter posts from El Frente Nacional site that the police are beating up protesters at the Pedagogical University and that the march is heading for an area where the military is (maybe barracks?).  Here is how it was put in the post:  “marcha por el Bo. de las Fuerzas Armadas”  I’m tripped up by the abbreviation.  Anyone have an idea?  If so, I’ll get it into the next update.

>AL JAZEERA VIDEO: today -protesters, OAS meeting (only about the diplomats refused entrance to Honduras on Sunday), shutdown of Radio Globo and Channel 36, etc.

>Silence as a cowardly means of intervention

How many deaths does Obama need in Honduras?

By: Atilio Boron

Translated by Machetera

>The International Federation on Human Rights has presented preliminary evidence to the International Criminal Court concerning political persecution by the Micheletti regime. Read more

>EL FRENTE NACIONAL – COMUNICADO 26 (Spanish) (Second comunicado today) Read more

>The Dictatorship Unmasked – Article from Narco News Read more


First some announcements:

>Dr. Luther Castillo will be interviewed on Democracy Now, tomorrow morning, Tuesday, September 29. Democracy Now airs at 8am EDT where you can watch it live.  The URL is  The program video will be reading for re-viewing shortly after the live show ends.  A transcript will be available later during the day.

>As mentioned in an earlier update, Dr. Castillo will be speaking at 11:00am on 9/29 at a Congressional briefing on Capitol Hill (2168 Rayburn), which has been arranged by the office of Rep. Raul Grijalva (D-AZ).  Please call your rep’s office in Washington (202/225-3121) and ask them to attend.

>At 4PM today, there will be a solidarity vigil at the Honduran embassy in Washington, DC. If you are in DC and wish to run over there, here’s the info:  Honduran embassy, 3007 Tilden St. NW, #4M, Washington, DC 20008-3008.  Sponsored by  Hands off Venezuela and others: We will stand in front of the embassy to show solidarity with Zelaya and the people of Honduras, who are facing brutal police repression. We will carry signs of support for Zelaya and the masses who support him as well as signs against the Micheletti coup government.  A letter will be handed to the Ambassador, who is against the coup government, in hopes that he will be able to relay the message of support to Zelaya and his supporters in Honduras. The letter will be brought to the event for everyone in attendance to read and sign.  Please join us!

And now, the news:

>OAS special meeting on Honduras this morning. Nell wrote in to let us know about a Reuters article that describes what happened.  US up to its usual tricks.  Here is the article in full:


“WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The United States blasted ousted Honduran President Manuel Zelaya for his “irresponsible and foolish” return from exile before a settlement was reached in the Central American country’s political crisis.

At an emergency meeting of the Organization of American States to discuss the Honduran face-off, Lewis Anselem, the U.S. ambassador to the OAS, also criticized Honduras’ de facto government for its “deplorable” action in barring entry of an OAS mission and declaring a state of siege on Sunday.

Anselem also criticized Zelaya for fueling violence by slipping back into Honduras last week and holing up in the Brazilian Embassy, from where he has called on his supporters to take to the streets.

“The return of Zelaya absent an agreement is irresponsible and foolish … He should cease and desist from making wild allegations and from acting as though he were starring in an old movie,” Anselm said.

Anselem urged the de facto government to handle security with “restraint and caution” and called on Zelaya to “exercise leadership” and urge his supporters to express their views peacefully.

He said the United States had urged Zelaya on several occasions not to return to Honduras before a political settlement was achieved because of the potential for unrest.

“Having chosen, with outside help, to return on his own terms, President Zelaya and those who have facilitated his return, bear particular responsibility for the actions of his supporters,” the U.S. official said.

Anselem said the U.S. government will continue to urge both sides to quickly reach agreement under the San Jose accord proposed by Costa Rican President Oscar Arias, which calls for Zelaya to return to office to finish his term ending in January.

While President Barack Obama has condemned the coup that toppled Zelaya and has cut off some aid to Honduras, conservatives criticize him for helping an ally of Venezuela’s leftist President Hugo Chavez.

Zelaya was overthrown in a military coup on June 28. The de facto civilian government has resisted international pressure to allow the leftist president’s reinstatement and on Sunday gave Brazil a 10-day ultimatum to decided what too with Zelaya, threatening to close the embassy.

(Reporting by Deborah Charles; Writing by Anthony Boadle; Editing by Bill Trott)

>Amy sent in a link to an article about journalists being beaten during the raid on Channel 36 and Radio Globo.


>OAS convened a special meeting at 10AM this morning concerning Honduras.

>National Front is calling for people everywhere to petition their governments to help the people of Honduras..

>People are amassing at the Pedagogical University in spite of massive police presence in the streets throughout the capital.

>There is a lack of food, water and medicine in towns throughout the country

Above news is from Honduras en Lucha

Telesur has pictures and video of police raiding and dismantling Channel 36 and Radio Globo

ARTICLE:   “There is a new panorama. Honduras is on the edge of collapse . . .”

El Frente Nacional – Comunicado No. 25 (in Spanish)

lunes 28 de septiembre de 2009

El Frente Nacional de Resistencia Contra el Golpe de Estado en Honduras a la comunidad nacional e internacional informa:

1. Que tal como lo establece el Artículo tres de la Constitución de la República vigente, la situación de desobediencia e insurrección civil frente al régimen usurpador dirigido por Roberto Micheletti Bahin y Romeo Vásquez Velásquez, se ha visto acentuada con el retorno del presidente constitucional Manuel Zelaya Rosales, quien debe ser restituido en el cargo sin más dilaciones.

2. Que uno de los objetivos fundamentales e irreversibles de nuestra lucha es lograr la instalación de una Asamblea Nacional Constituyente democrática y popular, por lo que entendemos que nuestra lucha es legítima y extendida.

3. Que exigimos el cese de la represión policial y del ejército a la población, así como el hostigamiento y constante violación de los derechos humanos al que han sometido al presidente Zelaya Rosales y a las personas que le acompañan en la sede diplomática brasileña, como condición básica para iniciar un verdadero diálogo que conlleve a una solución política de la crisis que atraviesa nuestro país.

4. Que los gobiernos y organismos de integración latinoamericana y mundial como la Organización de Estados Americanos (OEA), La Organización de las Naciones Unidas (ONU) y la Unión Europea entre otros, han demostrado apoyo y solidaridad, llamamos a que establezcan medidas contundentes y prontas que faciliten la solución de la situación antes señalada.

¡A 91 días de resistencia, aquí nadie se rinde!

Tegucigalpa, M.D.C. 27 de septiembre de 2009.

Publicado por Frente Nacional Contra el Golpe de Estado en 7:24″


Lots going on today.  Please note at the very end I have posted announcements for Honduras solidarity activities in Washington and NY.

>Sunday 9/27 9pm – Micheletti issued a decree that will suspend constitutional rights for a period of 45 days. This decree restricts the freedom of expression, prohibits public meetings, and gives the de facto regime the power to suspend T.V. and radio outlets that “disrupt the peace and public order.”

>>For the full story on the 45-day suspension of the Honduran constitution by the golpistas, see Al Giordano’s article

>The curfew that began at 9PM last night expired at 5AM this morning.

>Honduran troops raided Radio Globo this morning, staff escaped before soldiers arrived.

Read more / Read more, includes raid on Channel 36 as well

>President Zelaya warns again that an attack on the Brazilian embassy is imminent. Read more

>Journalists of the golpista media have been told they are not to report on the activities of the National Resistance or anything against Roberto Micheletti.

>REPORT FROM JUAN ALMENDARES ON TORTURE OF TEACHER, AUGUSTINA FLORES (English followed by Spanish) Translator: Dr. Norman Givan

*Note**: The Spanish orginal of the following message was in received from Dr.
Juan Almendares, Honduran medical doctor and award-winning human rights
activist and current president of the Honduran Peace Committee as well as
the past secretary of the Coordinating Committee of Popular
Organizations.It was translated with the help of Google translator,
and any errors, especially of medical terms, is regretted. The Spanish original is
appended. Norman Girvan *

Freedom for Agustina Flores: Tortured Teacher
Freedom for political prisoners Medical Testimony

I, Juan Angel Almendarez Bonilla, Honduran doctor, member of the Medical
Association of Honduras, registration number No 430, Executive Director of
the Center for Prevention, Treatment and Rehabilitation of Torture Victims
and their Families (CPTRT) duly authorized by the person concerned and their
families, am bound for ethical reasons and respect for human rights to
submit the following testimony to both national and international human
rights organizations and world public opinion, regarding the violence and
torture of the subject Agustina Flores Lopez, a teacher of fifty years
specialising in Educational Management.

On 24 September at 6:30 pm, I was called by Berta Ceres, leader of the
Lenca indigenous organization COPINH, sister of Agustina and the President
of COFADEH, Berta Oliva, to urgently assess the condition of health of
Agustina, who is incarcerated at the Criminal Investigation Directorate
(DGIC) in Comayagla.

We visited with the team and Berta Ceres of COFADEH at the DGIC on 24
September 2009 at 7 PM ET close to the hour of curfew. The authorities in
control at that time allowed us to speak with and review the teacher.

By her own account Agustina Flores Lopez was taken prisoner by eight
policewomen on Tuesday 22 September between 6.00 and 6:30 am, while walking
in the area near the Brazilian Embassy in Tegucigalpa.

“While one twisted my arms behind my back the other hit me on the face,
squeezed my neck and assaulted meI had already been handcuffed– and I
recognised one of them with the surname Garcia. During the beating they

“First, they took me to Manchen and the patrol was carrying six members of
the resistance who had been beaten up. Then I was taken to the Chochi Sosa
Stadium where at first there were 11 detainees; but later I managed to see
about thirty members of the resistance who had been beaten and wounded.

Then I was moved on to the CORE VII detention center. They took my cell
phone and to date it has not been returned.

A clinical description of Agustina shows the following features:

Profound sadness, facial deformities and pain afflicting various parts of
the body: face, neck, back, arms and legs by the multiple traumas caused by
police. Occasional dizziness and vertigo with frequent loss of balance. Does
not remember whether she lost consciousness; sometimes are confused and

Has a history of suffering Primary Sjogren’s syndrome, with dryness of
ocular and oral mucous membranes and autoimmune problems that make her
susceptible to severe infections, especially under extremely unsanitary
conditions in prisons. She is under treatment for hypothyroidism, with two
hundred micrograms of levothyroxine. During her capture the taking of
levothyroxine tablets was suspended, putting her life in extreme danger.
This medication should be adjusted periodically under strict medical
supervision because of the extreme stress and the physical and psychological
torture under which teacher Lez Flores has been under.

Another of her major problems is hypertension. At the time of examination
she had a reading of 220/100 mmHg, which exceeds the value for
predisposition to cerebral vascular haemorrhage, due to the traumatic
situation in which she lives deprived of liberty.

Among other findings:

Bruises from blows, with bruises below her lower lip and right labial region
with inflammatory edema of the right half of lower lip, contusion area on
the labial mucosa on the same side and right molar area ecchymosis of
approximately 4 cm in an almost rectangular form.

Pain in the antero lateral left neck with blunt injuries and severe pain and
spasms of the sternocleidomastoid muscle. Neck movements associated with
paresthesia (tingling) in both bilateral upper limbs.

Severe pain that follows the anterior and lateral thigh.

Severe pain in the shoulder region, upper trapezius area and the back lumbar
region of the spine and pain adjacent to both sides of the traumatic spinal
injuries she received during capture.

Blunt injuries and muscular aches on the internal lateral left forearm.

Multiple injuries in blunt multiple trauma axillary, anterior right inner

Bruises on the left elbow region and posterior aspect of left arm and
ecchymotic circular lesions in the lower third of the inside of her left

Based on the above I consider that Agustina Flores Lopez has high risk to
her health as result of her imprisonment and should be transferred
immediately to a hospital and placed under medical supervision for physical
and psychological politraumatizatiwbr>n; to be evaluated by specialists in
Neurology, Endocrinology, Cardiology, Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy,
and provided counselling and under other conditions by trained personnel in
torture CPTRT. In a beautiful gesture Agustina told me that one of her major
concerns is not fulfilling her duties as a tutor to my grandchildren. Her
eyes filled with tears when she stated that one of the most horrible
experiences in her life has been to share the suffering and inhuman and
degrading treatment suffered by detainees in Honduras

Based on the above we demand the immediate release of Agustina Flores
Lopez; in addition to which, we have a moral obligation to demand freedom
for each and all political prisoners in Honduras following the military

According to information provided by the Association for Freedom of
Political Prisoners most of these people are deprived of their liberty in
the “Marco Aurelio Soto” National Penitentiary and accused of crimes and


Two youths left with interim measures with the false charge of Aggravated


Tegucigalpa September 25, 2009

*Libertad para Agustina Flores: Maestra Torturada*

(Libertad para las y los presos policos)

Testimonio Mico

Yo, Juan gel Almendarez Bonilla;, hondure, mico, miembro del Colegio
Mico de Honduras , registro numero No 430, Director Ejecutivo del Centro
de Prevenci, Tratamiento y Rehabilitaciwbr>n de las Victimas de la Tortura y
sus Familiares (CPTRT), debidamente autorizado por la persona afectada y sus
familiares; me siento obligado por razones icas y de respeto a los
derechos humanos presentar el siguiente testimonio tanto a los organismos
nacionales e internacionales de derechos humanos, ascomo ante la opini
publica mundial de los actos violentos y de tortura en perjuicio de
Agustina Flores Lez, maestra de cincuenta as de edad con la
especialidad Gesti Educativa.

El d 24 de septiembre, a las 6:30 pm., fui llamado por Berta Ceres,
dirigente de la organizaci indena lenca COPINH, hermana de Agustina y
por la Presidenta de COFADEH, Berta Oliva, para que evaluara con carter de
urgencia la situaci de salud de Agustina quien esta encarcelada en la
Direcci de Investigaci Criminal(DGIC) en Comayagla

Visitamos con el equipo de COFADEH y Berta Ceres la DGIC el 24 de
septiembre 2009 cerca de las siete pm, hora prima al toque de queda. Las
autoridades de ese momento nos permitieron conversar y examinar a la

Seg declaraci de Agustina Flores Lez fue capturada por ocho polics
femeninas el martes 22 de septiembre entre 6 y 6:30 am, cuando caminaba en
el ea cercana a la Embajada de Brasil en Tegucigalpa. Mientras una me
retorc los brazos para atr la otra me golpeaba la cara, me apretaban el
cuello y me agrednya ten las esposas puestas reconoca una de
apellido Garc, durante los golpes me gritaban USTEDES SON LOS PERROS

Primero , me llevaron al Manchen y la patrulla llevaba seis miembros de la
resistencia bien golpeados , luego me trasladaron al estadio Chochi Sosa
donde habn primero 11 detenidos pero despu logre ver a
aproximadamente treinta miembros de la resistencia golpeados y heridos .

Luego fui trasladada en al Centro de Detenci policial CORE VII. Me
quitaron el celular y hasta la fecha no me lo han entregado.

En la descripci de su cuadro clico presenta una profunda tristeza, su
rostro esta deformado y aqueja dolor en diversas partes del cuerpo: cara,
cuello, espalda miembros superiores e inferiores por los mtiples los
traumas que le ocasionaron los cuerpos policiales. En ocasiones presenta
mareo y vtigos frecuentes con perdidas de equilibrio. No recuerda si
perdiel conocimiento y en algunos momentos se siente confusa y

Tiene antecedentes de sufrir del Sdrome Primario de Sjogren, con
sequedad de las mucosas oculares, bucales y problemas de autoinmunidad que
la hacen susceptible a las infecciones severas; sobre todo por las
condiciones sumamente insalubres de las prisiones Esta bajo tratamiento de
Hipotiroidismo, con doscientos microgramos de levotiroxina. Durante su
captura le fue suspendida las pastillas de levotiroxina poniendo en extremo
peligro su vida. Este medicamento debe ser regulado periicamente bajo
estricta supervisi mica dadas las condiciones de extremo estr , la
tortura fica y psicolica bajo las esta ha estado sometida la maestra
Flores Lez.

Otro de sus graves problemas es la Hipertensi Arterial(al momento del
examen ten cifras de 220/100 mmHg, valor elevado que la predispone a
hemorragia cerebro vascular por la situaci traumica en que vive
restringida de su libertad.

Entre otros hallazgos encontr

Golpes contusos con equimosis labio inferior y regi infra labial derecha
con edema inflamatorio de la mitad derecha del labio inferior con zona de
la contusi en la mucosa labial del mismo lado y presenta zona
equimosis malar derecha con aproximadamente 4 cm de forma casi rectangular

Dolor en la cara antero lateral izquierda del cuello con lesiones contusas
y espasmos y dolor intenso de musculo esternocleidomastoideo. Con los
movimientos del cuello presenta parestesias (hormigueos) bilaterales en
ambos miembros superiores

Dolor intenso que sigue la cara anterior y lateral del muslo izquierdo.

Dolor intenso en la espalda- regi superior, zona del trapecio y en la
regi dorso lumbar de la columna vertebral y dolor adyacente a ambos
lados de la columna debido a lesiones traumicas que recibidurante su

Dolores musculares lesiones contusas cara lateral interna del antebrazo

Mtiples lesiones contusas por traumas mtiples en la regi axilar y
cara anterior interna del brazo derecho.

Contusiones regi del codo izquierdo y cara posterior del brazo izquierdo
y lesiones equimoticas de carter circular en el tercio inferior de la
cara interna del brazo izquierdo.

En base a lo anterior considero que Agustina Flores Lez tiene alto riesgo
a su salud, al estar encarcelada y se requiere de inmediato que sea
trasladada a un centro hospitalario y sometida a supervisi medica por la
politraumatizaciwbr>n fica y psicolica, ser evaluada por el especialistas
en Neurolog, Endocrinologwbr>a, Cardiolog, Rehabilitaciwbr>n y Terapia Fica,
atenci psicolica y bajo otras condiciones por el personal especializado
en tortura del CPTRT. En un gesto hermoso Agustina me expreso que una de
sus mayores preocupaciones es no cumplir con sus tareas como tutora con sus
nietos. Sus ojos se poblaron de lagrimas al manifestarme que una de las sus
experiencias mas horribles que ha tenido en su vida ha sido compartir el
sufrimiento y los tratos inhumanos y degradantes que son objeto las personas
privadas de libertad en Honduras

En base a lo anterior demandamos la inmediata libertad de Agustina Flores
Lez y adem tenemos la obligaci moral de exigir la libertad de todos
y todas las presas policas en Honduras a ra del golpe militar.

Seg la informaci proporcionada por la Asociaci por la libertad de
Presos Policos la mayor de estas personas est privadas de su
libertad en la Penitenciaria Nacional Marco Aurelio Soto acusadas de
das y sedici


Dos nis salieron con medidas cautelares, tienen la acusaci falsa de Robo



Tegucigalpa 25 de septiembre 2009


>>Press Release September 27, 2009

Posted by hondurasemb in Fact Sheets, News Stories.

The National Front Against the Coup, a conglomeration of Honduran civil society organizations fighting to restore democracy; and Hondurans for Democracy, a Washington, DC-based grass roots organization; invite you to a presentation and photo exhibit highlighting the violent repression of the Honduras de facto regime against the Honduran people. A briefing on the situation in and outside of the Brazilian Embassy in Tegucigalpa where the Constitutional President of Honduras Manuel Zelaya Rosales is housed, will be provided.

Where: Room 2168 (Gold Room) of the Rayburn Building of the U.S. Congress located on Independence Avenue between First and South Capitol Streets SE, Washington, DC. Capitol South Metro on the Orange Line. See enclosed map.

When: Tuesday, September 29, 2009 11 AM – 12.30 PM.NO RSVP is required.

Hondurans for Democracy and The National Front Against the Coup call on the international community based in Washington, DC (particularly the U.S. Government, the diplomatic community, and human rights organizations) and the governments of the world to add their voices and/or continue to: Condemn the Honduras coup and the onslaught of human rights violations that have followed AND Take tangible actions to combat the brutal repression on the part of the de facto regime against of the Honduran people.


 TUESDAY 9/29 11:00am-1:00pm 2168 Rayburn (the Gold Room)

 Dr Luther Castillo, MD, founder of the first Garifuna hospital in the
 Atlantic Coast region of Honduras,

 will be speaking at a briefing on Capitol Hill on
Tuesday, September 29, 11:00am-1:00pm.

 Dr Castillo is secretary of communications for the National Resistance
 Front Against the Coup

 in Honduras. He brings first-hand testimony about the current crisis
 in Tegucigalpa,

 and will speak about how his hospital has been affected by the coup.

>>Subject: Tuesday Sept 29th NYC Solidarity Action with the People of Honduras

IFCO / Pastors for Peace
An ecumenical agency whose mission is to help forward the struggles of oppressed
peoples for justice and self-determination

Tuesday Sept 29th NYC Solidarity Action with the People of Honduras

Dear friend of IFCO/Pastors for Peace

We encourage you to attend this important action being organized in
New York City in solidarity with the people of Honduras.

Candlelight Vigil and Protest
Tuesday, September 29th
Union Square
14TH ST. & Broadway, Manhattan

A coalition of organizations in New York City are supporting the people and
resistance of Honduras and urging everyone to come out Tuesday in
cities around the country to protest coup regime aggression, to demand
that the White House condemn this aggression and to support the
demands of the Honduran people.

The coalition includes IFCO/Pastors for Peace, Hondurans in Resistance
U.S.A, the International Action Center, Iglesia San Romero de las
Americas-UCC, Rev. Luis Barrios, La Peña del Bronx, Local 1199 SEIU,
Alberto Lovera Bolivarian Circle; Dominican activists, NALACC, Bayan
USA, Ramsey Clark, Artists and Activists United for Peace; Peruvians
in Action; Human Rights Project of the Urban justice Center; Colectivo
Rebel Diaz, Cuba Solidarity New York, Red de Organizaciones
Afro-Centroamericanas-USA, Human Rights Project of the Urban Justice
Center; Millions 4 Mumia; International League for Peoples Struggle;
Comité Dominicano de Solidaridad con los Pueblos, Jersey City Peace
Movement, NJ Action 21; Trabajadoras por la Paz, Frente Farabundo
Martí para la Liberación Nacional – FMLN, Red de Comunidades
Salvadoreñas en el Exterior, Empresarios por el Cambio, Centro de
Derechos Laborales and others.
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    Bo. de las Fuerzas Armadas = Armed Forces Boulevard

  2. September 28, 2009 3:19 PM

    At the OAS meeting, the U.S. representative almost couldn’t have been any more unhelpful. A Reuters report gives the gist; hard to stomach.

    • September 28, 2009 3:48 PM

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