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Micheletti Reconsiders Restrictions on Civil Liberties, IF . . .

September 28, 2009

Micheletti is perfecting his theatrics.  With a straight face, he says he’s concerned that throwing the constitution out the window in order to establish a state of siege might affect the upcoming elections.  So, does this mean he’s willing to reconsider?

Actually, what’s happening is that Michelleti wants to cut a deal with the people of Honduras.  He is willing to retrieve the constitution from the trashcan it was thrown into and “restore” the people’s right to assembly, the right to call him a Goriletti golpista, and to have both Radio Globo and Channel 36 back on the air, IF the people will just accept that the next election for president will be run by murderous thugs.

I’m sure Micheletti has been warned about the inadvisability of holding an election preceded by a siege and if you combine this with the National Resistance’s vow to boycott the elections, he’s got a big mess on his hands.  But, Micheletti is not going to give up anything unless he gets what he wants in return.  If he can get some cooperation on the election, he’ll back up on the medieval measures.  So, is the siege decree just a pile of chips in a much bigger poker game?

Honduran Leader Reconsiders Restrictions On Civil Liberties

TEGUCIGALPA, Honduras (AFP)–Honduras’ de facto leader Roberto Micheletti said Monday he was prepared to rescind a decree restricting civil liberties so that upcoming presidential elections aren’t affected.

“We’re worried that this decree could affect the elections,” Micheletti told journalists here, hours after soldiers forcefully shut down two dissident media outlets under the new measures.

“If it’s necessary, we’ll revoke it,” he said. ”

UPDATE:  NYT just posted a story on this topic saying that members of the Honduran Congress revolted and let Micheletti know that they would not support the state of siege.  When it comes to Honduras there is always subtext and good cop/bad cop doings.  Stay tuned.


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