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VIDEO: Attacking Embassies, 2002 in Venezuela and 2009 in Honduras

October 1, 2009

A few days ago, I suggested that the golpista siege at the Brazilian embassy was reminiscent of the gusano siege of the Cuban embassy during the 2002 coup in Venezuela.  Another person wrote in to say that it was also reminiscent of former Peruvian president Fujimori’s handling of a hostage situation involving members of the  Tupac Amaru Revolutionary Movement in a takeover of  the Japanese embassy in Lima in 1996.  When several members of  Tupac Amaru surrendered they were summarily executed by Fujimori’s forces.

The following is a video that shows scenes from the 2002 siege of the Cuban embassy where the gusanos went looking for the Venezuelan Vice-President, Diosdado Cabello, probably to beat him to death.  It is not known for sure if he was ever there, but this was probably secondary to a crowd that was generally seeking Cuban blood. Many of the gusanos you see tearing up everything in sight at the Cuban embassy are from Miami.  One of the gusanos warns the Cubans with the now famous quote from this thugfest “you will have nothing to eat but the furniture” as they proceeded to cut off water and electricity and withhold food.  These scenes are followed by the Micheletti siege of the Brazilian embassy.

I have a DVD of an interview with the Cuban ambassador to Venezuela at the time, German Sanchez Otero, who tells of a harrowing and dangerous time inside the embassy.  In addition to the diplomats, their families were inside the embassy as well.

One has to wonder just how many gusanos from Miami are in Honduras waiting for the right time to surface, if not already.

  1. Matt Dubuque permalink
    October 1, 2009 12:50 PM

    Hi Magdana-

    For me the siege is much more like the siege of Fujimori against the Japanese embassy with the resulting slaughter of Tupac Amaru members.

    For me, the siege of the Cuban embassy was largely a byproduct of stupid, illiterate fascist thugs, egged on by the coup government.

    However, like the siege against the Brazilian embassy by the Honduran coup regime, Fujimori’s siege against the Japanese embassy was a careful, deliberate, orchestrated attack in coordination with Western intelligence agencies over a period of several weeks employing psychological warfare techniques and loud music, culminating in a bloodbath. There was nothing resembling spontaneous, unprovoked rage in either the Brazilian or Japanese embassy sieges.

    • Evangelos Kalambokidis permalink
      October 3, 2009 2:37 PM

      Keep up the resistance people of Honduras. You will win.
      The working people of the world, the unemployed, the youth, the marginalized and the hungry are with you. The monster of imperialism does not have much future.

      Hasta la Voctoria
      Evangelos Kalambokidis

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