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Honduran National Resistance Update 10/3

October 4, 2009


>Based on statistics gathered through Honduras Laboral, as of 10/2. 17 have been killed and 4,000 detained over the three months of protests. The latest of those deaths is teacher Mario Fidel Contreras who has been active in the National Resistance. He was killed by unknown people who pretended to steal his cell phone but who shot him instead. This manner of attack has been used increasingly and anti-coup protesters seem to be the target. A note was found on his body that said: This will happen to all of those in the resistance.

>US Plans to establish Naval bases in Panama, Darien y Punta Coca
So the US has been neglecting Latin America and the way to make up for it is to barricade the continent with military bases?

>Latest headlines from Telesur:

>>Micheletti says the state of siege will end on Monday.
>>Micheletti admits to a secret meeting with Insulza at Palmerola.

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