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Honduran National Resistance Update 10/11

October 11, 2009


>A very important article with a disturbing report and even more disturbing pictures of golpista regime violence targeted at Honduran youth and union members.  Includes links to the audio interviews conducted with the victims.


Honduras De Facto Regime Opens Fire in Poor Neighborhoods:

Youth and Union Members Targeted by Coup Violence


Dick Emanuelsson and Mirian Huezo Emanuelsson | October 9, 2009


Translated from: El régimen de facto desata el terror en las colonias populares: Entrevistas con pobladores, jóvenes y sindicalistas—blancos de la violencia golpista

Translated by: Americas Program

IRCreport pice




Americas Program, Center for International Policy (CIP)


The Honduran people have set an example for people throughout Latin America through three months of steady resistance to the coup in their country. But there are powerful groups within Honduras and abroad organizing to neutralize this unprecedented force and block the resistance from growing in strength and numbers. These groups above all seek to prevent the nation from carrying out a Constitutional Assembly to modify the outdated constitution. Along with the reinstatement of the elected President Manuel Zelaya, this demand is central to the popular movement against the coup as a necessary tool to bring the country and its people out of poverty.


In this Special Report, Tegucigalpa reporter Dick Emanuelsson and photographer Mirian Huezo Emanuelsson chronicle the terror and repression unleashed by the coup to maintain power. Despite promises to lift the executive decree that imposed a state of siege, the violence continues.


These are firsthand accounts from the victims of the strategy of force being employed by the coup. All were wounded by security forces since the return of Zelaya on Sept. 21. This strategy has only intensified, despite talk of an official dialogue, largely frustrated during the recent visit of the Organization of American States (OAS). Even as the OAS ministers and other dignitaries were meeting on Oct. 7 in Tegucigalpa to promote dialogue, the coup and armed forces again attacked peaceful demonstrators in the streets.




>ALERT FROM PASTORS FOR PEACE: “Another Day for Honduran Coupsters: Break-Ins and Embassy Sniper Fire”

 Friday, 09 October 2009 15:23



by IFCO / Pastors for Peace


THE PEOPLE OF HONDURAS URGENTLY NEED OUR SUPPORT!!! They continue to be in resistance to the brutal and illegal coup regime in Honduras. Thousands of courageous Hondurans are in the streets every day demonstrating for the restoration of democracy, even in the face of massive repression by the coup regime.


President Zelaya, along with 313 of his supporters, is still holed up in the Brazilian Embassy. But the US government still has not taken a strong stand against the coup.


While other nations around the world have condemned the coup in Honduras, President Obama talks about mutual respect among nations, but does nothing to condemn the gross miscarriage of justice and constitutional law in Honduras.


1) GUNFIRE INTO THE BRAZILIAN EMBASSY: Radio Globo from Honduras is just now reporting that snipers have been shooting into the Brazilian Embassy where President Zelaya and 313 others have taken refuge. We do not yet have word about injuries.


2) BREAK-IN AT THE GARIFUNA HOSPITAL: The Honduran Black Fraternal Organization (OFRANEH) reports that 15 soldiers and “preventive police” of the coup regime broke into the Garifuna Hospital of Ciriboya at 5:00am on October 6. The military entered the hospital through a window, using the pretext that they were engaging in a anti-narcotics operation.


The Garifuna Hospital of Ciriboya is the center of the Luagu Hatuadi Waduhenu project, the first-ever hospital and health network in Honduras’ Atlantic Coast region, founded by Dr Luther Castillo. The coup government recently downgraded the status of the Garifuna Hospital from hospital to simple health center, to the detriment of the local Garifuna and indigenous population.


The break-in is seen as a message to the Garifuna community because of their active participation in the resistance against the coup, as well as an example of the racism of the coup regime. OFRANEH contends that, while narcotrafficking has been a problem in the Atlantic Coast region, the problem can be traced to certain wealthy elites who operate with impunity from their African palm plantations – NOT TO THE HOSPITAL. “The only thing this hospital can be accused of is that we’ve provided health care to 300,000 people,” said Dr Castillo.


“It is unheard of that one of the paradigms of community health across our continent should suffer the aggression of a government made up of a crew of mercenaries at the service of the US Southern Command and the banana, telephone, and oil corporations who want to preserve the status quo in Honduras,” declared OFRANEH.


3) The 10/8/09 New York Times reports that lobbyists for the Honduran coup have already spent more than $400,000 in Washington. Some of the lobbying firms have close ties to Secretary of State Clinton and to Sen. John McCain (R-AZ). Key Republicans are urging the Obama administration to lift all sanctions against the coup government. “Several former high-ranking officials who were responsible for overseeing US policy in Central America in the 1980s and ’90s… – including Otto Reich, Roger Noriega, and Daniel W. Fisk – view Honduras as the principal battleground in a proxy fight with Cuba and Venezuela…”


We want to be clear that this is not just an ideological ‘proxy fight,’ but rather a brutal violation of the rights and sovereignty of the Honduran people. Our neighbor nation is at a standstill; many lives have been lost, and many more are at risk. Reich, Noriega, Negroponte and others who had a hand in initiating this coup are trying to punish President Zelaya for being too friendly with progressive governments in the region. While President Obama talks about a US foreign policy based in “mutual respect,” these former functionaries of the Reagan/Bush administrations are operating as rogue agents, trying to impose the agenda of the US right wing (as was done in Haiti, in Guatemala, in Chile), and showing a total lack of respect for Honduras’ democratic process.



ASK YOUR REP TO SIGN ON TO REP GRIJALVA’S LETTER ABOUT HONDURAS! Rep Raúl Grijalva (D-AZ), co-chair of the House Progressive Caucus, has taken leadership on this issue by writing several strong letters to President Obama. His current letter urges the Obama administration to “clearly and unequivocally reject and denounce the repression by this illegitimate regime,” to state that the elections planned for November “cannot and will not be considered free and fair by our government,” and to “step up its efforts to bring about a prompt restoration of democracy in Honduras.”


Ask your representative in the House to sign on to Rep Grijalva’s letter – and let him/her know that we OPPOSE the coup in Honduras, and that the US must be on the side of democracy and constitutional process in Honduras – not on the side of the thugs and murderers perpetrating this illegal coup.


CALL CONGRESS! CALL THE WHITE HOUSE! CALL THE STATE DEPARTMENT! Demand that they stop the violence and bring about an end to the coup!


Congressional switchboard: 202/225-3121

President Barack Obama 202/456-1111

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton: 202/647-9572



>Colombia Free Trade: Exporting Mercenaries to Honduras

by Greg Grandin

October 10, 2009




>Honduras Delegation in Solidarity with the Honduran Resistance – Report – Day 5





Tonight, our last night in Honduras, a World Cup qualifying game is taking place here between Honduras and the U.S. Another alert has been raised; we’ve received reports that while the eyes of a large part of the country are focused on the game, more scaffolding has been put up around the embassy tonight, with more snipers.


In the news today, the Micheletti regime has imposed a decree stating that “the frequencies of radio or television stations may be canceled if they transmit messages that incite national hate and the destruction of public property.” It allows officials to monitor and control broadcasts that “attack national security.” (Associated Press, Oct. 10)”



>Honduras: ‘Nothing will be the same again’


Federico Fuentes

11 October 2009




What began as a coup aimed at deposing a millionaire landowner president, whose “crime” had been to gradually shift Honduras away from US control and implement mild pro-people reforms, has spurned on a mass resistance movement with the potential to revolutionise the country.


Roberto Micheletti, installed as president after the military overthrew the elected government of President Manuel Zelaya, told the September 30 Argentine daily Clarin: “We removed Zelaya because he was a leftist … This worried us.”


However, more than 100 days since Zeyala was kidnapped at gunpoint and exiled to Coast Rica, Micheletti has even more to worry about.


Zelaya is back in the country, in the confines of the Brazilian embassy, and there is a mobilised population demanding more than just their president restored.


The ongoing peaceful protests, strikes and blockades have continued in the face of increasingly severe repression. The Honduras Resists website said, as of October 2, at least 4000 people had been detained and 17 killed, although many anti-coup activists believe the real number to be much higher


There are a number of reports of torture at the hands of the security forces.


The Committee in Defence of Human Rights in Honduras (CODEH) said more than 100 people have been injured by police using chains. wooden bats and other objects. CODEH also said more than 105 “homicides” had been officially registered during the coup-imposed curfew periods.


On October 9, Radio Globo said that snipers had begun firing into the Brazilian embassy, home to Zelaya and hundreds of his supporters. The Associated Press said the same day that right-wing Colombian paramilitaries, infamous for human rights abuses, were arriving in Honduras.




Gilberto Rios, a leader of the National Resistance Front Against the Coup (FNRG), told Green Left Weekly over the phone from the Honduran capital, Tegucigalpa: “The resistance is standing firm and united, and is determined to go all the way in order to liberate Honduras.”


The FNRG unites left organisations, trade unions, teachers, peasant groups and popular organisations. It also includes the anti-coup wing of the Liberal party, one of the traditional parties of the Honduran political system to which both Zelaya and Micheletti belong.


Rios said: “It is clear that the opposition to this coup is class-based. The upper classes, in their majority, are with the coup. But they are the minority of the population.


“The lower classes are the majority — more than 65% of the population lives in poverty — and are identified with the resistance to the coup.” “

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