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AL JAZEERA VIDEO – Honduras: The Resistance and The Political Elite

October 15, 2009

The following two Al Jazeera videos, in a total time of under 25 minutes, cover most of the ground needed for the uninitiated to determine what is going on in Honduras.

Avi Lewis, husband of Canadian author Naomi Klein, reporting for Faultlines, provides comprehensive and compelling coverage of the Honduras story. 

The first video is devoted to the Resistance and the brave Hondurans who keep it burning day in and day out.  Avi shows that the threat of death always hovers over members of the Resistance and tells the immensely painful stories of two who died. 

The second video focuses on the political elite in Honduras and the Washington manipulators who have kept this repressive coup churning.  Avi is always sure to point out the hole in the political elite’s arguments.

Sombreros off to Avi Lewis!








  1. Roberto Micheletti supporter permalink
    November 21, 2009 3:02 AM

    This is such a one sided lefty perspective of one journalist coming from an Arab network. Remember that the so called “Busines Elite” and oligarchy you claim that are the ones who threw Zelaya out, are the ones that create jobs for it’s citizens. If these lefty revolucionaries want to come out of proverty they should first learn how to read and write. Stop wanting the government to hand them everything on a platter.

    • November 22, 2009 5:56 PM

      “If these lefty revolucionaries want to come out of poverty they should first learn how to read and write.” You know, this is just what President Chavez thought upon his first term as prez. So, as any country that truly cares about it citizens, a massive literacy program was employed and when the escualidos along with the US tried to remove Chavez in 2002, the people from the barrios hit the streets with their constitution in hand that they had read. Glad to know you are in favor of educating everyone!

  2. November 6, 2009 2:25 AM

    Thanks Avi, for that.

    What those monsters are doing makes me nuts. Watching all those Honduran police and soldiers brutalize their own people – because they are paid to do it and because they want to be on the winning side in the unequal contest between corporacrats, their tools and the poor people – makes me ill. We see that too often, even though Latin America’s people (mostly), if not it’s elites, have come out of their shock from earlier American imperialist interventions there and no longer quietly accept brutal, American-backed traitorous governments.

    If you took the mafia and made it legal, it would look like the corporatocracy we have. There’s only rules and so forth enough to keep the whole corrupt system from really crashing and taking everyone down with it. Which isn’t to say that capitalists can’t live with disaster, even if they are a macho bunch and some of them, now and then, here and there, get devoured by the monstrous system they feed and worship.

    I can’t help thinking, when I look at images of smug, uncaring, creepy soldiers and police, as they menace and attack their own people, such as we see in these videos, that if they are in fact criminals and killers, then How is it that those in the Honduran resistance constantly take every opportunity to tell outsiders that their resistance is peaceful and will continue to be peaceful? What else can they say of course? While the criminals are in control and they have the weapons, It’s just unwise to provoke them. But the people who are resisting corporatocracy’s armed thugs here are in the majority and, to this outsider’s eyes and mind, they should have the right ‘and’ the responsibility to act decisively, and with force (which is clearly necessary when the criminals are armed and they are upon you and your family), to bring about social stability, law and order, the way the criminal Micheletti gang is claiming it is using force to ensure that there is law and order – as it sets about violating it in order to preserve the power and privileges of ignorant pigs.

    I hope there are lots of corporacratocracy pigs reading this. And I hope there are corporatocracy pigs involved in the attack on the Honduran people reading this. You are corpses, whether or not you know it and whether or not others are telling you. There will be an end for your kind that is more final than you may care to know. That’s what you get for making hell on earth, the only hell there is, actually. Otherwise, There is no God of love.

  3. Ashok Kumar permalink
    October 15, 2009 12:58 PM

    al jazeera is amazing.

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