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Honduran National Resistance Update 10/20

October 20, 2009



The English version of the following article is a little rough.  It is followed by the original article in Spanish.

>Commandos F4 supports the government of Roberto Micheletti
Written by Rodolfo Frómeta
miércoles, 07 of 2009 of octubre
Google translation. Revised by Walter Lippmann.

Commandos F4 supports the government of Roberto Micheletti

Last August 2009 the commander of Commandos F4, Rodolfo Frómeta, traveled to Honduras in the “Mission Freedom” to give full backing to the current president, Roberto Micheletti.

With great challenge to international public opinion, Rodolfo Frómeta met with senior officials of the legitimate government, which welcomed its solidarity and gave evidence of Communist infiltration paid by Chavez and manipulated by Nicaraguan, Salvadoran, Ecuadorian and Cuban groups that operate in Honduran streets to disrupt the upcoming elections in that country.

Frómeta found that 85% of Hondurans support Micheletti and are willing to continue fighting to prevent the spread of communism in our hemisphere.

Rodolfo Frómeta Commandos F4 and asks the world to stop being accomplices of the enemies of democracy and learn to call tyrants are those that sit in power for over 50 years causing bloodshed, massacres, torture, violating human rights the people of Cuba, the Castro brothers, and now Chavez, Ortega, Evo Morales, Rafael Correa, Luis I. Lula Da Silva, who only wish to perpetuate themselves in power riding roughshod over the liberties of their country.

We demand respect for the Constitution of Honduras and we mean that CF4 is willing to participate militarily in defense of the Honduran people if asked to do so in case of any foreign invasion. We commend the current government and the brotherly people of Honduras.

Rodolfo Frómeta
Miami, Fl

Comandos F4 apoya el gobierno de Roberto Micheletti

Escrito por Rodolfo Frómeta
miércoles, 07 de octubre de 2009

Comandos F4 apoya el gobierno de Roberto Micheletti

El pasado mes de agosto del 2009 el comandante de Comandos F4, Rodolfo Frómeta, viajó a Honduras en la llamada “Misión Libertad” para dar un total espaldarazo al actual presidente, Roberto Micheletti.

Con gran desafío a la opinión pública internacional, Rodolfo Frómeta se reunió con altos funcionarios de ese legítimo gobierno, el cual agradeció su solidaridad y le dieron pruebas de la infiltración comunista pagadas por Chávez y manipuladas por nicaragüenses, salvadoreños, ecuatorianos y cubanos que operan en las calles hondureñas para desestabilizar las próximas elecciones en dicho País.

Frómeta comprobó que el 85% de los hondureños apoyan a Micheletti y están dispuestos a seguir luchando para evitar el avance del comunismo en nuestro continente.

Rodolfo Frómeta y los Comandos F4 le piden al mundo, dejen de ser cómplices de los enemigos de la democracia y aprendan a llamar tiranos a los que sí llevan sentados en el poder por más de 50 años ensangrentando, masacrando, torturando, violando los derechos humanos del pueblo de Cuba, los hermanos Castro, y ahora Chávez, Ortega, Evo Morales, Rafael Correa, Luis I. Lula Da Silva, los cuales sólo desean perpetuarse en el poder atropellando las libertades de sus países.

Exigimos respeto para la Constitución de Honduras y significamos que CF4 está dispuesto a participar militarmente en la defensa del pueblo hondureño si así nos lo solicitaran en caso de cualquier invasión extranjera. Felicitamos al gobierno actual y al hermano pueblo hondureño.

Rodolfo Frómeta
Miami, Fl.






IMPORTANT:  You will note in the following excerpt on Honduras from today’s State Dept. briefing that  the Honduran electoral tribunal is to be in Washington this week.  Obviously, they are here to get pointers on how to pull off an illegal, internationally-rejected election on Nov. 29.


>US State Dept. Daily Briefing, Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Excerpt regarding Honduras:


“QUESTION: Anything on – anything new on Honduras?


MR. KELLY: Anything new on Honduras. Well, just to update you that the negotiations continue, that – between the two teams with the help of OAS officials. They’ve reached agreement on most aspects of the Guaymuras version of the San Jose Accords. There’s just one – there’s one article that remains a point of contention, and that’s Article 6, which deals with the restoration of individuals to positions that they had before June 28 – right? Yeah, that’s – most importantly, President Zelaya.


And we just urge the two sides to stick to it, and we urge the de facto regime in particular to help open a pathway for international support of the election by concluding the agreement. We believe that an agreement is – could lead to elections that are internationally recognized, and is ultimately the way out of this crisis, but —


QUESTION: Is there any meeting planned – several people from the Honduran electoral tribunal are going to be in town this week. Are they meeting with anybody at the State Department?


MR. KELLY: Oh, I’m not aware that they are.



>Visit the Honduran embassy blog 

Several interesting articles posted recently: human rights in Honduras, elections, Dr. Castillo’s US tour and UD party withdraws from elections.



>A professor active in the resistance was assassinated by police in Santa Barbara Dept. today (in Spanish)

“Policía Asesina Profesor!

 Por Cristobal Alaniz, Reportando desde Macuelizo, Santa Bárbara”



>honduras: zelaya abandons popular movement’s demands

20 10 2009

Almost four months after Honduras’ centre-left president Manuel “Mel” Zelaya was deposed and forced into exile by a military coup, he is back in the country and negotiating elections with the coup régime of Roberto Micheletti (depicted below). But as Socialismo o Barbarie argue, this national unity means legitimising the coup and stepping back from democratic reforms.


Mel Zelaya has given fresh “space” for negotiations with those who conducted the military coup. This is Zelaya’s strategy: bending over backwards as far as possible, abandoning each and every one of the demands which the popular resistance has stood for for in the streets every day, since the very day when the coup régime seized power.

Zelaya has now given up the central demand of this struggle: a Constituent Assembly.

Zelaya has also given up on the idea of punishing those who conducted the coup, accepting an amnesty for them.

Zelaya has even accepted a government of “national reconciliation”, that is to say, together with those who conducted the coup: a scandal, governing with those whose hands are stained with the blood of so many comrades.

Given that, we should not be surprised that he has even ended up handing over his own “head”. After days and days of “dialogue”, more dialogue and conciliation with these gangsters, he now accepts not being reinstated: or else simply in a formal capacity, mediating a “tri-partite government” or some other means of wiping the slate clean.

In the middle of all this making-up, what has remained completely out of focus is the resistance’s fight. It has been weeks since the leadership of the resistance – the Frente Nacional de Resistencia – has called a real, mass action!

This is the direct responsibility of the Zelayist leaders of the resistance, like Juan Barahona, who this week put on the media show of leaving the negotiating table. This is nothing but a crude manoeuvre to avoid any fall-out from the fact that his political chief Zelaya has abandoned – before the cock has crowed – the Constituent Assembly.

As for the Socialismo o Barbarie current and our PST comrades, we categorically reject the dead end of “dialogue” with the coup régime as the means of acheiving the struggle’s objectives.

Zelaya’s return awakened the possibility of a general strike to definitively sweep away the whole gangster régime. But Mel Zelaya and his representatives in the popular movement were completely against this outcome. Zelaya, ever since arriving at the Brazilian embassy [i.e. ending his forced exile] has been playing with “reconciliation” but also coming out with much bravura and sloganeering on TV.

The dialogue will continue on Monday. The Zelayists keep looking for a conciliation-route of getting rid of Micheletti. From our standpoint, it is necessary to develop a clear debate within the resistance movement, building on the discontent and arguing for no-confidence in Zelaya’s politics of compromiso.

It must not be that the heroic resistance is completely subordinated to the top leaders’ “wiping the slate clean”, thus giving up its demands and almost totally demobilising the workers’, peasants’ and popular movement.

The independent candidate Carlos H Reyes has announced his unconditional refusal to participate in the elections if they take place under Micheletti. Now the challenge is to assert again each and every one of the slogans Zelaya has left by the wayside: first of all, the clear need for the calling of a Constituent Assembly to get rid of all the coup régime’s institutions and bring these murderous gangsters to justice.





Laura Flanders interviews Andres Conteris who has been in the Brazilian embassy since Zelaya’s return. Note that since this interview, the de facto regime has lifted the ban on civil rights and press freedom. There are three topics on this program. The Honduras topic starts at minute 27:15 and ends at minute 35:15.



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