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Honduran National Resistance Update 10/21

October 21, 2009




>Honduran National Police spokesman, Daniel Molina, has disappeared.  (Article in Spanish)

Also, see 10:00AM post from today which includes video of Molina.



>Brazil, at OAS, accuses Honduran de facto regime of “torture”



>Honduras regime harasses Brazil embassy, talks stall


(AFP) – 25 minutes ago


TEGUCIGALPA — Honduras’ de facto regime blared loud music at the Brazilian embassy to intensify pressure on deposed President Manuel Zelaya, as talks on the months-long crisis were in limbo Wednesday.


Zelaya has been holed up in the embassy, which is surrounded by police and soldiers, since his surprise return one month ago, after his ouster in a June 28 coup.


The head of the Organization of American States, Jose Miguel Insulza, said Wednesday that neither side was ready yet to break off crisis talks however.


“Efforts are needed to take it (dialogue) forward,” Insulza said at an OAS meeting on Honduras in Washington.


Dialogue between the two sides stalled Tuesday, when a Zelaya representative described proposals offered by the de facto government as “insulting.”


The talks are blocked on the issue of whether Zelaya would return to office before November 29 presidential polls. His term expires in January.


Condemnation of his ouster and foreign aid freezes have so far failed to dampen the resolve of the de facto regime, led by Roberto Micheletti, to keep Zelaya out of office.


Micheletti has suggested that the Supreme Court — which accused Zelaya of 18 crimes ahead of the coup — should decide whether the ousted leader can be briefly reinstated, a proposal which Zelaya has rejected.


International observers, including the country’s key backer the United States, have threatened not to recognize the polls if Zelaya does not return to office beforehand.


Insulza on Wednesday criticized the regime for the “continuing hostility” against the Brazilian embassy, following accusations from Zelaya and his supporters inside the compound of increasing harassment.


“We’ve been bombarded with loudspeakers playing music at the highest level,” Rasel Tome, a legal advisor to Zelaya, told Radio Globo in Honduras Wednesday.


“What we’ve been living is typical of psychological operations between armies.”


Amid growing frustration and divisions in Honduras, some 2,000 supporters of the deposed president took to the streets of the capital in protest on Tuesday, a day after Micheletti lifted an emergency decree restricting civil liberties.


The elected Zelaya’s ouster was backed by the country’s courts, Congress and business leaders, and came after he swerved to the left and aligned himself with Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.”


>Venezuelan Ambassador Roy Chaderton states that Venezuela is “indignant” over OAS handling of the crisis in Honduras.   (Article about and video of Chaderton’s remarks at the OAS meeting today – in Spanish).



Big damn deal . . .

>US revokes more visas to pressure Honduran solution | Reuters

Visas of coup supporters revoked


* Honduran army blasts Brazilian Embassy with loud music


(Updates with details from Brazilian Embassy)


WASHINGTON, Oct 21 (Reuters) – The United States has revoked the visas of more Hondurans to pressure the facto government to end a three-month political crisis, a U.S. official said on Wednesday.


The Honduran government is in talks to resolve the impasse created by a June 28 military coup that ousted President Manuel Zelaya, who has returned to Honduras and taken refuge in the Brazilian Embassy.


State Department spokesman Charles Luoma-Overstreet said the department had canceled visas for “a number of Hondurans who are members and/or supporters of the de facto regime.”


“This action is a reflection of the seriousness and urgency with which the U.S. government takes the need for the de facto regime to reach an agreement with President Zelaya to restore the democratic order,” Luoma-Overstreet said.


The United States, which has condemned Central America’s first coup in more than a decade, revoked a number of diplomatic and official visas after Zelaya’s ouster on charges he violated the Honduran constitution by seeking to allow presidential re-election.


Later revocations included tourist visas for others linked to the de facto government. Luoma-Overstreet would not say how many visas were canceled in the latest round on Monday.


Talks to resolve the crisis in Honduras have sputtered with both sides stuck on the question of whether Zelaya can return to the presidency before a November election.


Honduras is President Barack Obama’s biggest challenge in Latin America and some critics say the United States is not doing enough. Human rights groups accuse the de facto rulers of major abuses, including deaths, and say a free and fair election would be impossible unless Zelaya is reinstated first.


Zelaya, a logging magnate who became an ally of leftist Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez while in office, has been camped out with his family and supporters at the Brazilian Embassy since sneaking back into the country last month.


The army blasted the embassy with loud recordings of rock music, army marching tunes, pig grunts and church bells for six hours beginning shortly after midnight on Wednesday, said a Reuters witness inside the compound.


“(There is) worry about the increase in hostilities toward the Brazilian embassy in Tegucigalpa which have intensified in recent days particularly during the night,” said a statement from the head of the Organization of American States.


Zelaya is calling on the OAS to condemn de facto leader Roberto Micheletti, who was installed by Congress after the coup, accusing him of deliberately obstructing the negotiations. (Reporting by Deborah Charles and Mica Rosenberg in Tegucigalpa; Editing by Eric Beech)”




>Honduras Coup 2009 reports that there will be a general meeting of the OAS this morning at 10:30AM to discuss Honduras.  You can watch it live here.





>El Frente Nacional has issued a communique  below regarding the Resistance’s activities for the week: 


Today, Wednesday, October 21:  at 2:00PM this afternoon, there will be a huge caravan that will start in Río del Hombre and head forán de Siguatepeque, Comayagua, La Paz y Tegucigalpa.  A major event!


Tomorrow, Thursday, October 22:  There will mobilizations in schools and universities.  In addtion, there will be a gathering in El Paraiso to shake things up in the cradle of the golpistas.


Friday, October 23:  At 10:00AM, popular candidates will gather at an auditorium at COLPROSUMAH to make a decision about participation in the upcoming fraudulent elections.



>>Comunicado del Frente: Actividades para esta semana

Fecha: 20/10/2009

Fuente: Frente Nacional contra el Golpe de Estado


Tegucigalpa Lunes vamos al entierro del compañero Jairo Presidente del SITRAINFOP. También ese mismo día, se presentarán recursos de amparo contra el Decreto, que finaliza las clases el 30 de este mes.


1.- Lunes vamos al entierro del compañero Jairo Presidente del SITRAINFOP. También ese mismo día, se presentarán recursos de amparo contra el Decreto, que finaliza las clases el 30 de este mes.


2.- Durante toda esta semana y las que siguen, no se deberá consumir comidas rápidas del Grupo INTUR.


3.- A partir de mañana, habrán movimientos en los barrios y colonias de la capital.


4.- El miércoles 21, a las 2 de la tarde tenemos una mega caravana, nos reuniremos en el puente ?Río del Hombre?, allí llegarán de Siguatepeque, Comayagua, La Paz y Tegucigalpa, estará fenomenal, no se la pierdan.


5.- El jueves 22, habrán movilizaciones en los colegios de la capital. También en ese mismo día, hay una reunión en El Paraíso, para darle vuelta a la cuna de los golpistas.


6.- El viernes 23, a las 10 de la mañana, en el auditorio del COLPROSUMAH se reúnen candidatos de elección popular honestos, para tomar una decisión sobre su participación en las próximas elecciones fraudulentas, que nadie reconocerá.



>Honduran National Police Spokesman, Daniel Molina States that it was a coup. In a clandestine conversation outside the Brazilian embassy one evening, Daniel Molina, states that what happened on June 28 was indeed a coup and more! 












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