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October 29, 2009

I am  glad that Jean-Guy Allard wrote this article about Micheletti’s background.  For way too long, the media have presented Micheletti as a bluffing buffoon.  And, this is exactly how the US wants him portrayed.  As long as Micheletti plays the  recalcitrant clown role, he appears to be the US’ adversary.  As such, the US can continue to fake support for a return of Zelaya.  But, the US never intended to bring Zelaya back and Micheletti is not as stupid as he looks.  

Agent Micheletti 
By Jean-Guy Allard 
October 26, 2009

A CubaNews translation by Giselle Gil.
Edited by Walter Lippmann.

The late CIA agent Philip Agee, who after renouncing the agency devoted his life to identifying and denouncing its crimes, would have made this diagnosis awhile back. Roberto Micheletti, current capo of the Tegucigalpa military managerial junta has all the makings of a recruited Yankee intelligence agent. Probably at some point he was recruited by a Langley officer assigned to the embassy in Honduras. 

You only need to see the emotion with which he, then president of the National Congress and future Honduran dictator, handed the Great Cross with Gold Badge to Charles Ford, United States Ambassador in Honduras at the time, on July 16, 2008. This is the maximum distinction of the Central American country.

This is the same Ford who, months before, had rudely proposed the new President Manuel Zelaya to harbor international terrorist Luis Posada Carriles.  

Ford left his position in Tegucigalpa to become Special Consultant to Admiral James Stavridis, Head of the United States Southern Command with offices in Miami and Washington.  

Stavridis is the former adviser of USA Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld. He is famous for his hostile declarations against Venezuela and for reactivating, just at that time, the Fourth Yankee Fleet. 

The homage given to someone who had arrogantly confronted President Zelaya took place, with the solemnity worthy of an imperial proconsul, in the national assembly.  

For this act of servility, Micheletti gathered members of the same junta that for eleven months would conspire with him to expel from the country its legitimate leader. 

The Supreme Court of Justice President Vilma Morales, was there with car thief general Romeo Vásquez Velásquez and several of his officers. The General District Attorney and the Enclosed District Attorney were there. The Human rights commissioner, the sub-district attorney of the Republic and the president of the Electoral Supreme Court were also present.   

It was the whole mafia group, whom the heads of the dozen families that rule the country had ordered to the disappearance of the president. 

“On behalf of the Honduran people”, Micheletti gave a vibrant homage to “Charles” who thanked him for his “good will”, as reported in the local press. 

“Congratulations Ambassador Charles, thank you for your work, your leadership and your good will, and that of the government and people of the United States”, he said, visibly exalting the diplomat.    

“For the next two years I will act as an advisor (he didn’t specify what of) and I will always be near Honduras”, the ambassador replied. 

“Our extensive relationship is strong, intact and durable. I believe that it will withstand any storm we have to face in the coming years”, he concluded.

After the ceremony, during a cocktail, “Charles” and Roberto had their picture taken several times, hugging each other fondly, for posterity 


When during this same period, the then American undersecretary of State, CIA agent disguised as diplomat, John Negroponte visited Honduras; he gave Micheletti special attention.   

The former Bush Ambassador in Baghdad was at the end of a journey which had taken him successively, and suspiciously, to Guatemala and El Salvador. 

In Tegucigalpa he visited president Zelaya, with whom he discussed Zelaya’s decision to transform the Palmerola base, occupied by the United States, into a civilian airport.  Something that “one could not do overnight”, he commented.

Negroponte then met with Micheletti privately. Nothing was known of this prolonged meeting. “No information was given on the subject of their conversation”, a local newspaper reported. 

But it was known that Negroponte – the CIA officer founder of the bloodthirsty 316 Battalion – later held secret meetings with Supreme Justice Court President, Vilma Morales, who is a well-known Micheletti accomplice. He also met with former presidents Ricardo Matures and Carlos Flores, both first rate coup supporters, and with the pathetic “Human rights” Commissioner Ramón Custodian, who almost became an apologist of the military repression. 

But there is much more in Micheletti’s dossier. 

In 1985, when Honduras was still suffocating under the imperial boot and the country – thanks to Ronald Reagan and George Bush senior – was transformed into a Yankee launching pad to overthrow the revolutionary Sandinista government in Managua, the then-member of Parliament Micheletti was one of the accomplices of a veritable attempt at a parliamenty coup that tried to transform the Congress into a constituent Assembly. 

The purpose of the plot was to guarantee that pro-American president Suazo Cordova remained in power. He, as his master Negroponte, was involved up to his neck in the Iran-Contra drug-for-weapons scandal. 

Suazo Cordova was the president that covered up a period of savage repression which, even today, the Hondurans don’t speak of without fear.  

It was during this period that the Facussé, Micheletti’s godfathers today, tried to transform the country into a United States Free Associated State, following the Puerto Rican “model”. 


Some people say that in the 60s, the current golpista dictator was a sub-officer in the Presidential Guard of Ramón Villeda Morales, whose overthrow marked the beginning of an endless military dictatorship.  

Micheletti then left the country to live in the United States where it is said he studied.  He stayed there for more than fifteen years. 

He suddenly returned to Honduras in the beginning of the 80s to manage a regional transportation company in his native municipality of El Progreso. Soon he became a Member of Parliament, which he has been for 28 years. 

Micheletti’s political career, being an Italian immigrant’s son, is inexplicable without some “miraculous” connection. A connection that “the” embassy could have facilitated. 

Is Micheletti a product of the diabolical machinery whose operation Philip Agee so accurately described? 

There is a famous proverb that says: “If it walks like a duck, and swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck: then it is a duck.”  

One could tell much more about the hidden relationships of the false president who stole his way into the Presidential House of Tegucigalpa. From his weakness for murderer and torturer Billy Joya to his affiliation with the smuggler net of Yehuda Leitner, without forgetting the drug dealers of the army … neither the yankee congress member Ros-Lehtinen, who the other day received a prize from a branch of “the company”. 

Micheletti has all the markings of an agent, he doesn’t lack anything.  Not even the arrogance of one who believes that, no matter what the news headlines say, is trusted by his masters. 

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