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Pres. Zelaya: Elections Under a Dictatorship are a Fraud, Micheletti’s Failure to Comply

November 7, 2009

Date: Nov 6, 2009 4:01 PM

IFCO/Pastors for Peace Update on Honduras:

President Zelaya Withdraws from the “Tegucigalpa/San Jose Agreement” The Struggle continues!!

On Friday, November 6th, President Zelaya withdrew from the “Tegucigalpa/San Jose Agreement” and released the following statement in which he describes the agreement as a failure. Thus the agreement which had been maneuvered by the US State Department is dead. Nevertheless the illegitimate coup government of Micheletti, with apparent approval of the US, has announced the formation of a so-called government of “Unity and National Reconciliation” without the participation of the representatives of the vast majority of people in Honduras or of Zelaya. IFCO/Pastors for Peace supports the position of integrity of Zelaya in withdrawing from this fraudulent agreement. In the 131 days since the coup d’ etat the people of Honduras have not stopped for one moment in the struggle for a return to constitutional order in Honduras. The National Resistance Front of Honduras has called for a boycott of the Nov 29th elections, an election that will only serve to continue the coup government.

The “Tegucigalpa/San Jose Agreement” is dead, but the likelihood is that the US government will continue to support the Nov 29th elections, and the results of the elections. Under the present conditions of the coup, how could there be free and fair elections? We need to be prepared for this. We need to keep the pressure on. Early next week IFCO/Pastors for Peace will send out an alert about what you can do to support the people of Honduras.

Zelaya: Elections Under a Dictatorship are a Fraud for the People

Agreement Failed because of Micheletti’s Failure to Comply.


From the Desk of the President
Tegucigalpa November 6, 2009

Translation by Patricia Adams, The Quixote Center.


Our weapon are ideas, our struggle is peaceful

Agreement Failed because of Micheletti’s Failure to Comply.

In the face of the mockery that Mr. Micheletti has made of the Honduran People and the International Community: boycotting the Tegucigalpa/San Jose Agreement; letting the deadline for the creation of the Government of Unity pass without convening the National Congress, as is within his power and responsibility to do per the written agreement; the lack of a will to fulfill the Agreement in both letter and spirit is clear; ignoring the Plan Arias proposal, as well as the OAS and the UN resolutions; we declare that the Agreement has been a failure, because of the failure of the de facto regime to comply with the commitment to organize and install a government of unity and national reconciliation by this date; a government which should by law be presided over by the President elected by the People, José Manuel Zelaya Rosales.

– We are not willing to give up the rights of the people by legitimating this Coup d’ etat.

– We do not accept the militarization of society nor that the President of Honduras be named by the elite of the Armed Forces.

– Democracy is the highest good of society and is the only path for confronting the problems of the third poorest economy in Latin America, and therefore we are not willing to be cheated nor that our Democracy be robbed from us.

– The permanent violations of Human Rights, the cancelation of public freedoms, the confiscation of communication media, as well as the status of the President elected by the people who is surrounded by the military inside the Brazilian Embassy and the political witch hunting, is all proof of the preparation of an enormous Political-Electoral fraud on November 29th.

– We announce that we will completely ignore this electoral process and the results of the aforementioned evils, elections under a dictatorship are a fraud for the people.

– We invite the Ministers of the OAS to make immediate pronouncements about the actions of the government legitimately elected by the people of Honduras, and to continue to condemn and ignore this de facto regime.

– On behalf of the people, we thank the International Community, the OAS, Secretary Insulza, the ex-President of Chile Mr Ricardo Lagos Escobar, and the US Labor Secretary Mrs Hilda Solís.

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