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Honduran Election Law Gives Micheletti’s Shock Troops A Chance at More Repression

November 19, 2009

From Honduras embassy blog

The following article from El Tiempo (translated into English) suggests that the coup regime is finalizing its strategy for “protecting” the November 29 election from “interference” by those who promise to boycott.  No doubt, the Michelettis will use election law, interpreted very broadly, in order to cover widespread state-sponsored repression.  

The massive plan to boycott will leave the Michelettis with an illegitimate election because of ridiculously low voter turnout, but  the US has the script prepared already for the State Department’s, Ian Kelly,to declare on November 30 that it was “a free and fair election with little or no irregularities reported.”  The Michelettis will ride this election wave out and cruise into shore fairly easily.

And, the Honduran shock troops will gleefully wreak havoc on the population as it begins to chip away at what is its longer-term problem:  a Resistance that won’t go away and, by its sheer numbers, poses a threat to the oligarchy well beyond the election.

(translation from Honduran newspaper El Tiempo, Nov. 16, 2009)

De-facto interim “president” Roberto Micheletti said that hundreds of foreigners have been entering the country to boycott the elections scheduled for November 29th. “We have knowledge of this. Our military, supported by our allies and friends, have initiated an investigation that has secured information about people from Venezuela or Nicaragua coming here to try to cause trouble to the electoral process”, said Micheletti.

“There is a security plan to protect the population in general, for them to vote without fear, so that they can elect their new authorities”.

Micheletti recalled that the Electoral Law in its article 209 stated that, “Will be sanctioned with a penalty of four years in prison whoever, without legitimate authorization, seeks to impede other persons, through violence, the exercise of their electoral rights”.

A secondary law expresses that in addition to the electoral crimes that will be sanctioned with prison, will be also punished with prison time all persons who by any means impede access to the electoral locations that are needed for the functioning of the elections.

Calls to boycott the elections have been made by “sectors of society, as well as foreigners who have entered the country”, for example “the leaders of the group called Popular Resistance, which has its intent to prevent the election”.

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