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HONDURAN FM, Patricia Rodas, Warns of Possible Massacre

November 21, 2009

If you combine Patricia Rodas’ remarks in the article below with  —


Latest News

    * Several Honduran hospitals preparing extra beds for emergency medical attention to people who end up wounded on election day. Some surgeries are being postponed to ensure hospital personnel are ready.


— it is obvious that more than a few people are putting two and two together and understand the potential for very serious state-sponsored violence (yes, including the paramilitaries from various countries).  The election is not the reason for the likely repression rather it is the excuse.


Video of Rodas’ remarks (in Spanish) is available at Telesur   :  go to the  upper right of the home page and you will see the section for videos, click on “mas videos” and scroll down to Rodas’ video


(the translation on this article is not great, but you get the idea)

Honduran FM Alerts on Massacre Danger

Caracas, Nov 20 (Prensa Latina) Honduran Foreign Minister Patricia
Rodas alerted Friday on the possibility that a massacre could be
prepared in Honduras because of the possible temporary resignation of
coupist President Roberto Micheletti.

In a press release in this capital Friday, Rodas alerted on the
presence of local and foreign paramilitary in Honduras, preparing
some act of terror, of which Micheletti does not want to be pointed
out as responsible.

He possibly wants to confuse the international opinion, ó said
Rodas, who is in Caracas attending an international leftwing
political parties meeting.

She also regarded the possible temporary resignation of Micheletti
from November 25 to December 2, because of the general elections on
November 29.

Rodas asked the government of Panama to be careful and said that she
has not been told by the Panamanian government why it has taken the
decision to recognize a military government in Honduras.

We want to know about the position of the government of President
Roberto Martinelli, ó said Rodas.

She ratified the elections by the Honduran coupist government are
illegal, and asked the international community not to fall into the
Honduran coupist government ó s game.

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