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How Does President Romeo Vasquez Velasquez Sound? Plus other updates

November 25, 2009

The following updates and article come from the blog of Diana Barahona at:

A couple of days ago, a few of us on the Democratic Underground list were musing as to who would be left in charge of Honduras during Micheletti’s leave of absence.  I suggested that during the time period of the election, the politicos would run for cover so as not to be associated with the coming election fraud and the attendant state-sponsored repression and that the only choice for substitute prez is Gen. Romeo Velasquez.  Imagine my surprise when I saw on Diana’s blog:

General Romeo Vásquez Velásquez to take power as Honduran president

If this is truly the case, then the General will no doubt do what he’s got to do over the next several days and the politicos will ensure his immunity from prosectution.

Barahona’s update, is followed by a very important article byRicardo Salgado, “The Unequivocal Sign of What is Coming”



Sunday, November 22, 2009
Updates on Honduras in Resistance

Communique No. 35 The National Resistance Front Against the Coup: Friday, Nov. 20, 2009

News from the past few days about the situation in Honduras in light of the coming Nov. 29 elections:

Micheletti leaves office…for a few days

Micheletti “temporarily” withdraws from government

The Honduran congress will debate the reinstatement of Zelaya on Dec. 2

Zelaya announces he will challenge the elections

The State Department reiterates its support for the elections in Honduras–praises Micheletti for withdrawing from office

Honduran foreign minister warns of the danger of a massacre

General disarmament (of the people) begins Monday

Honduran resistance protests in front of the electoral tribunal against illegitimate elections

113 reports of human rights violations to be presented

US unmasked in its execution and maintenance of the coup

Repression begins again with illegal arrests and the closing of Channel 36

General Romeo Vásquez Velásquez to take power as Honduran president

Urgent call for international solidarity: Conversation with Bertha Cáceres, leader of the Civic Council of Popular and Indigenous Organizations of Honduras

DISSEMINATE, PRINT AND DISTRIBUTE: posters against the Great Electoral Fraud: Don’t vote!

More femicide and violence against women after the coup:

Spain will not recognize elections in Honduras in current situation

Rafael Alegria: No to the elections, yes to the constitutional assembly is the demand of the Honduran people in Resistance

Honduras: The unequivocal signs of what is coming

Translation by El Organizador

Nov. 21, 2009 Cubadebate

by Ricardo Salgado

The events in Honduras during the last ten days oblige us to act immediately to ensure the safety of as many of our people as possible from the repressive onslaught that the fascists are preparing, the unequivocal signs of which increase day by day.

The virulent selective repression against members of the resistance recently has become a constant. They have moved beyond the bombs of “lies” in the commercial centers and on the properties of wealthy putschists to murder attempts against civilians that they have profiled during more than 140 days of struggle.

Added to this there is a formidable military deployment throughout the country. The military checkpoints on the highways where they stop vehicles, especially public transportation, to carry out searches without any explanation, are part of a brazen campaign of intimidation that they are executing with U.S. complicity.

The principal cities, accustomed since the coup to the “reappearance” of the sinister military actor, have noted the growing presence of diverse army units. One can visit any establishment and they are there, like guardians of the transnational fortune, but also like customers. Yesterday as I was buying a coffee, my attention was drawn to a military man who doing the same, dressed in his combat uniform, which identified his unit as “sharpshooter.”

Sharpshooters buying coffee during working hours—that is an uncommon scene in today’s societies. They have become the terrifying part of the daily scenery of Hondurans. Furthermore, it doesn’t take much for them to change into their role of repressive beasts.

There have been several murder attempts against members of the resistance in Olancho, Tegucigalpa and Santa Barbara. A police spokesman recently announced with vehemence but without concern that they had become aware of an escalation of violence by drug trafficking groups during the days leading up to the elections. It is surprising how a police force that until six months ago was a model of ineptitude is now capable of solving cases within hours and even announcing ahead of time the plans of drug traffickers whom they have never been able to control.

The Honduran Air Force has been carrying out low altitude flights over villages in several regions of the country. They do this during daytime hours as if to demonstrate their presence to populations that otherwise have been permanently forgotten and rarely see an airplane. At night the activity changes, and around the Toncontín airport during the past four months there has been intense activity EVERY DAY by NON COMMERCIAL flights.

We don’t know if this activity is the same in Palmerola [the U.S. air base], or at the San Pedro Sula or La Ceiba airports. What they do is more difficult to prove even though everything seems to indicate a process of accumulating military supplies, and probably the complementary activity of other items. In Tegucigalpa this activity has not diminished for one single day in these months.

The brazenness—or the stupidity—grow when the secretary of public health makes an order suspending vital services at all of the public hospitals in the country. Every surgery set for between Nov. 19 and Dec. 4 must be cancelled. As many beds as possible must be freed. Furthermore each hospital administrator is ordered to prepare a contingency plan as soon as possible.

Of course the gringos are not on the margins of this. State Department spokesman Ian Kelly gave an unusual statement on Thursday: “The United States is concerned about the violations of human rights in Honduras; we are following this closely and it will have a lot of weight on our decision on whether to recognize the elections or not.” Kelly’s statement seems more like a prophecy than a concern.

They, the gringos, are the architects of the whole conspiracy, and they are likewise complicit in this part of the plan. To put it simply, as in all of their convenient evaluations of the facts they will categorize the violence in accordance with their best interest. It is possible they will end up saying that the violence caused by the action of the resistance provoked the repressors, who were defending public order.

All of the actions described are not isolated occurrences. They are part of a strategy, of a single plan of action, which has been elaborated by military intelligence with the respective advice of Zionist terrorists, Colombian paramilitaries and the classic wise men of the CIA and the Pentagon.

The report of the Committee for the Defense of Human Rights in Honduras, CODEH, about one of the plans to carry out a massacre during the days leading up to and on the day of the elections, is not an idea without support. By accident I was made aware of the information that a high official of the armed forces warned a close relative, “If you are going to go out to vote, do it early; at 11:00 in the morning the shit will start.”

During a radio appearance yesterday, Andrés Pavón, president of the CODEH, and Rafael Alegría, leader of Vía Campesina and of the National Resistance Front, laid out this plan in detail. But in spite of having been made public, it does not seem to have been aborted.

As a complementary action, they have decreed a general disarmament of the population beginning Monday, Nov. 23. They will surely carry out aggressive operations against popular urban neighborhoods and rural communities in resistance. They seem to have left no loose ends.

The only option remaining is to accelerate a process of popular preparation regarding the measures to take for the coming wave of repression. Until now the population has been advised to not go out to vote in order to maintain security. I have not yet seen a consistent plan preparing the population for the possible repression in the poor zones of the most important cities and in key areas of the resistance in the interior of the country.

An additional ingredient of this plan is the closing of the media that are aligned with the resistance. Yesterday they took Cholusat Sur off the air, and it is not irrational to think that Radio Globo will be closed under any pretext in the beginning of the week. These closures are aimed not only at silencing the voices against the fraudulent process of the 29th but also at avoiding the dissemination of instructions and recommendations to the population.

At this stage we should be preparing a campaign to organize the people, as if we were dealing with a catastrophic phenomenon.

Many critics will say that I am paranoid, and that I am falling victim to my phobias. But even if the military and paramilitaries ended up doing nothing, the signs that we receive indicate that we should move in the direction of prevention and denunciation. No action will be superfluous. It will be much worse to adopt a passive attitude and regret it later on.

If it is true that the multinational and putschist media will say nothing, at least until they can verify the bodies, the prisoners and the wounded, the alternative media will surely support us in the cause of denunciation. From the so-called international community (UN, OAS and others) we should expect nothing, except possibly a condemnatory resolution, as useless as all of the rest.

We are the only ones who can work on prevention. We should prepare our people responsibly to face everything. Let us recall that the panic that these military are creating also impacts the bourgeois and the misnamed middle class; these normally react by compulsively stockpiling food, water, fuel and other items, causing a disorganized shortage of food and necessary goods.

A plan should be produced and disseminated immediately in order to safeguard the physical integrity of the people, but also to guarantee that it does not enter a situation of calamity. In this, organization and solidarity play an extremely important role.

There is still much to do; the hours are limited, we need organization. This mobilization will give a clear demonstration of our capacity for the future struggle. We should be efficient, disciplined, tenacious, valiant. Nothing less is required now.

We cannot give ourselves the luxury of making mistakes at this moment; the signs are very clear and the macabre plan of the putschist assassins may turn into a great popular triumph. It all depends on us.

  1. JShansky permalink
    November 25, 2009 5:21 PM

    For more on Romeo Vásquez Velásquez, see Belen Fernandez’s interview on Pulse Media today:

  2. aeortiz permalink
    November 25, 2009 1:29 PM

    Have you considered the negative effect articles like these have on your readers?

    • November 25, 2009 2:19 PM

      No time for feel-good stories. Folks in Honduras are about to get their asses kicked. This ain’t no kindergarten.

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