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The Armed Forces of Honduras Accuses Head of Comm. for Human Rights in Honduras of Libel

November 25, 2009


CODEH Head Accused of Libel November 25th, 2009 ·

The Armed Forces of Honduras formalized yesterday afternoon, a denuncia presented to the Public Ministry against the head of CODEH, the Committee for Human Rights in Honduras, Andres Pavon. “This is a complaint against Andres Pavon for libel, slander and defamation against the Chief of State (General Romeo Vasquez) and against the armed forces,” said attorney Thomas Gerardo Aceituno. Pavon allegedly made statements on Radio Globo that the current military in Honduras had a plan to pose as the Resistance Front, and murder some 1,300 Hondurans in the process. The military would then “blame” the Resistance for the massacre, uniting the country behind them. Pavon urged Hondurans to stay home on election day to avoid being one of those massacred.

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