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Remember June 28th? Massacre at Airport? Elvin Santos’ Thugs and His Pic with Hillary?

November 29, 2009

Let’s look back at  some inspiring, appalling, and murderous things that have taken place in Honduras over the last five months.

June 28 – The People’s Resistance

I think there may be many people who have not seen footage from the day that President Zelaya was kidnapped and the Honduran people’s response to it.  The outpouring of support for Zelaya was raw with outrage and so emotional that many people were crying.  Here’s a video slice of that day, just hours after the kidnapping ,as the word spread and people began to gather outside the fence of the Presidential Palace.


July 5 – Honduran military massacre at Toncontin Airport

After his kidnapping on June 28, President Zelaya informed the people of Honduras of his intention to fly back into the country on July 5.  A few days before, country-wide Resistance marches began making their way to Tegucigalpa to greet Zelaya.   Zelaya did attempt to land at Toncontin airport but was prevented from doing so by the Honduran military forces.   The day turned horribly violent, when the Honduran military, in an unprovoked attack, unloaded their guns on the unarmed crowd.  A teenage boy, son of a Honduran activist, was murdered and instantly became a symbol of the Resistance movement.  His name was Isis Obed Murillo and you will see his name written on protest signs, banners, billboards and buildings throughout the country.

Two videos – First, a video of the huge nationwide marches arrving at the Toncontin airport in Tegucigalpa on July 5.  Second, click on the BBC video link that follows to witness the massacre that ended the day.


“No somos 5, no somos 100”   – July 5



August 4 – Presidential Candidate Elvin Santos and His Gun-Drawing Thugs at the University of Honduras

Elvin Santos, a golpista, presidential candidate AND  former vice-president of Honduars, attended a function at La Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Honduras (UNAH). As he left, he was booed, called a “golpista” and had water thrown on him by the students.  As they exited the building, Santos’ gorilla guards drew guns and beat the students with them.  One gorilla got off a shot for which a shell casing was found shortly thereafter.  Three students were injured.  The next day, the Honduran police unloaded a massive assault against the students on the university campus.  No doubt, Santos’ provocative and threatening visit paved the way for the police assault.



Mid-June – Elvin and Hillary, at the State Department

On August 14, 2009, Narco News published an excellent article with revealing background on Elvin Santos and the US State Department trough at which he feeds. The article, “Pro-Coup Honduras Presidential Candidate Elvin Santos is a Key Beneficiary of Continued US Government Funding,” includes the following picture of Hillary Clinton and Santos at the State Dept.  The picture was taken in JUNE 2009, just a few weeks before President Zelaya was kidnapped.  It appears that Elvin was received warmly, while just a few weeks later President Zelaya had to jump through quite a few hoops to get an audience with Queen Cool.

The US didn’t pull off this coup to have anyone other than their choice for the next president.  Supposedly, Porfirio Lobo is in the lead, but he just doesn’t seem like Washington’s kind of guy.  On the other hand, Santos looks good in a suit and seems to have excellent Washington connections.  Plus, isn’t it interesting that the campaign rally that the Honduras state employees were forced to attend, as reported by Narco News , was that of Santos?


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